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Tax Free Shopping!! August 2, 2008

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This weekend our state gave a tax-free holiday for back to school items. Clothes and school supplies were tax-free, so I used the opportunity to stock up. One of the surprising items on the list was diapers, so I bought a ton of those. I am completely obsessed with saving money and finding deals and for some reason my obsession is five times greater when it comes to diapers. I always wait for sales and use coupons, etc. So I have to share the deal I got on diapers. For the amount I bought, they would normally cost $58.83 with tax. First they were on sale, then there was no tax, and I had a $5 coupon as well as a $1.50 Pampers coupon. So I only paid $45.97!!!! That is so awesome!!!

I also started buying Isaac some fall clothes. It always staggers me when the seasons change and he requires a completely new wardrobe. For now, there is no pulling out last years clothes, it is new everything!! So I braved the very small “boy” section of the children’s clothing store. Of the 20% of the store they devote to boys, you have your requisite “boy themed” clothing to choose from: sports, wilderness/bug explorer, puppy dogs. I’m sure there may be stores that move beyond these 3 basic themes, but I can’t afford those stores. He scored with tons of pajamas, 2 coats, and some winter outfits. Even Jason got some clothes. I, of course, could not find anything for myself, and I am in DIRE need of clothing. My shirts have been plagued with holes (could be from the constant biting from Isaac) and stains (sometimes he bites me with his mouth full of yogurt or something like that). 2 even have blood smeared on them from me picking him up after he skinned his knees. Now I know why my mother used to always say, “I can’t have anything nice!!”

I did buy a bunch of things for myself at my last stop today and was feeling so happy about it until I tried the things on at home. One shirt that seemed red in the store was rust at home. One shirt suddenly looked like a tablecloth from the thrift store. One was just ugly. I am embarrassed to say one ensemble I put together included a black, longer, tunic-type shirt and a very wide fuschia belt. I was patting myself on the back for finally being a little more daring and stylish, and of course I looked like an extra from a Debbie Gibson video when I got home. The weird thing is that I tried most of the stuff on at the store–and my mom was there to witness that it looked good there but then not good at home. I can’t figure it out, but I will have a lot of returns to do. And alas, no shirts to wear.

On a different note, Isaac did something funny this morning. He has not worn jeans since probably April due to the obvious heat. But he had some in his drawer that are hand me downs from his cousin, Ben. Yesterday I tried them on him briefly just to see how they fit then I put them back in the drawer. So this morning Isaac was in his diaper and I asked him what he was going to wear today. (I ask him this every morning and he has never shown an opinion). Today he got the jeans out. I put them back and got some shorts out, but he pulled the jeans out again, unfolded them, and started lifting one leg at a time like he wanted me to help him get dressed. So I figured I’d let him wear them inside for the morning. It has been so long since he’s worn jeans, he walked very slowly bowing both legs out like a cowboy with his head down watching intently. Later he acted like he couldn’t climb on the couch because he didn’t know how his legs worked in jeans. It is funny that they can forget things like that so fast. This past spring when we were going from long sleeves and pants to short sleeves and shorts, Isaac would touch our arms and legs and just rub his hand up and down like he had never seen our skin before. We finally realized it had been covered for the past few months and he probably didn’t really remember a time when our skin was showing. It is just funny the things you don’t think about like that until you see them through his eyes!


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