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Feeling Very American September 3, 2008

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First it was the Olympics, and I must say, I even surprised myself with how into them I was. Then they were over and I started feeling the withdrawals. But this election and the conventions and all the news coverage that goes along with it has filled the void. Not only am I feeling very American, but I am feeling like more of a grown up for being concerned with all of these issues and for getting informed. I don’t know if it is being a parent that is making me so interested or if it is just because we all know what a pivotal election this is. While I am pretty sure that I know how I will cast my vote, I am making sure to hear both sides and be as open-minded as possible. I am especially looking forward to the debates!! That is as much as I will say about the election because I don’t want to get anybody riled up!

Isaac had his first day at his new Mother’s Day Out today. When he saw his backpack and lunchbox this morning, he got very excited and was ready to get going. But once we got to the school (which is actually a church), he froze on the sidewalk outside. I think he was confused because this is a different place than where he went last year. He did cry when I dropped him off, but stopped after just a minute. In true mom fashion, I stayed and waited where he couldn’t see me to make sure he calmed down. When I went back at one, he was playing in the “kitchen” area of his class just as happy as a clam. His teacher said he had a great day and now he is snoozing away. Thank goodness school is back in session………


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