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Miracle Baby September 5, 2008

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There is a website that I like to keep an eye on that is for a place called New Day Foster Home in China. They take in special needs children and give them the medical attention they need. Then they keep them there and foster them (a much more healthy environment than an orphanage) until they get adopted. Of course all of the children in their care are extremely special, but I have been actively following one boy named Judson. He is just over 1 month old now—significantly younger than most of the children there. He has faced more challenges in his 1 month than most of us will face in our life. Yet God has had his hand on this child the entire time and he is now thriving. I would like to encourage you to read his story by clicking on the link below. Even if you are aware of the orphan epidemic (143 million children without families!!!) it helps to hear the individual stories sometimes. And if for some reason you think that miracles just don’t happen anymore, you should definitely check out sweet Judson’s story.
If you browse around their website, you will see other children and can read their stories. You can also find different ways to support this ministry through one time gifts or sponsoring a particular child. Remember these children and the wonderful angels who are caring for them in your prayers today!!


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