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Fundraising Success!! September 20, 2008

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We had a yard sale this weekend to help raise money for the adoption. What started with us deciding to get rid of some stuff in our house turned into my aunt cleaning out her house, and then a bunch of my aunt’s friends chipped in and gave us stuff from their houses. Our whole garage was full!!! With tons of help from my mom and my aunt, we held it all day Friday and Saturday and raised $1500!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it?? And now we have even had other families say, “let us know when you are doing your next one and we will donate items to sell”. Praise God for the generosity being shown to us!! So if you’re going to be cleaning out your closets and have some things you want to get rid of, let us know–it could literally be a plane ticket for us to China.

I am worn out from this, but it was well worth it. Jason is parked in front of the Auburn game for the night and if I was a good woman, I would be there with him cheering. But alas, I am me. So I am going to make a root beer float, get into bed and watch Suze Orman. I have really started enjoying her show, especially the “Can I Afford It?” segment where people call in with something they really want to buy and she tells them if they can afford it or not. I fantasize about calling in and asking her if I can afford this adoption. After sharing our financial information, I know she would yell, “DENIED, DENIED, DENIED GIRLFRIEND”!!! Logistically, there is no way we should be able to afford this adoption, but God is providing in an awesome way. We started the process in June with just enough money for the application fee, and in that short period of time, we have come up with over $8600!!!! That defies explanation, which means it can ONLY be a God thing. We believe that he will continue to provide for us and that the financial aspect of this adoption will not be a roadblock.


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