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Some Thoughts About International Adoption November 2, 2008

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I went to a craft fair yesterday in a more rural part of our state. I set up a table to try to sell some of the items from our Holiday Adoption Fundraiser. (It did not go that well–the crowd at this craft fair was really looking for more folksy, crafty stuff. Not really my target audience–but I will have to write more about that in another post). Thinking that it may help, I hung a sign up at my table stating that all proceeds would be going to help fund an international adoption. I know there is an argument out there where people get very upset and wonder why go international when there are so many American children that need homes. There have been times that I have felt very defensive about our decision to adopt from China, but I am pretty much done with that.

Well, yesterday a woman was looking at some of my items and was standing right behind me and said to her grown daughter, “This just makes me sick. Why would anybody adopt a child internationally when there are so many children right here in the U.S.?” I handled it well, but if you ask me, this is such an ignorant thing to say. Basically, I turned around and let her know that it was ME who was pursuing an international adoption. And that yes, I know that there are so many children here, but for our family, foster care was not the right choice right now. I also told her that we felt God giving us a huge burden for China and we knew we were being called there. She took it fine and even bought a pair of earrings, but I am shocked by how many people still feel this way.

Doesn’t EVERY child deserve a home? What does their nationality have to do with it? One thing I thought of this morning as I was replaying the scenario in my mind was–I wonder how these people feel about missionaries who go off to other countries to spread the gospel. Would they dare to ask them, “WHY would you do that when there are so many lost people right here in the USA?”. I can’t imagine they would. Because God said to GO into ALL the world and preach the gospel. Why? Because there is not one person on this earth worth more than any other person on this earth. Each soul is precious to Him. And He grieves for EVERY child that is missing the love of a family, not just the American ones. Don’t get me wrong–I advocate for any child in the foster care system or up for adoption domestically or internationally. But every family should do what is right for them at the time, and more importantly where they feel God leading them.

And to all those people worried about the children here in the USA, I would encourage YOU to sign up to be a foster parent or pray for the brave souls who ARE foster parents or to mobilize your church or community to act on their behalf. Put that indignance to good use!!!


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