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I Must be Crazy November 16, 2008

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Every time I do one last fundraising thing for the year, I think, “This is my last for the year!!”. I really think I am going to take some time off between Thanksgiving and Christmas and RELAX and forget about all this money to raise. But after the LAST thing, I decided there was still time for another event………and the closet full of items to Ebay. But I digress.

A friend suggested this idea to me and I am just crazy enough to try it. This coming Saturday I am turning my house into a virtual market geared towards women. I will be selling my adoption fundraiser items (ornaments, jewelry, silk scarves, etc.) along with Mary Kay (who doesn’t need Satin Hands this time of year???) and I will have friends here selling food items from Taste of Gourmet, stationery by The Stamped Envelope, all kinds of fun stuff from Thirty One, one friend taking orders for custom monogrammed or appliqued items, and another friend who is just crafty and has made items to sell. The idea is that if we all invite everyone we know for an open house, maybe we all will make some Christmas money……or in my case adoption money.

I am going to try not to stress too much about it. Jason will take Isaac out for the morning and my aunt is keeping the dog so that will help. And since our social worker is doing our home visit on Thursday, the house will still be relatively clean. Who knows, if it is a success, this could turn in to an annual affair!

This weekend was nice and relaxing…….no craft fairs, no yard sales. Yesterday while Isaac napped, I napped too!! That NEVER happens and it was much needed. And today we decided to attend the evening service at church, so we made a big breakfast and stayed in pajamas all morning. It is nice every once in a while not to have to rush out the door eating a pack of granola!!

Well I think my husband is finally about to concede the TV (enough with the football!!) so we can hang out and watch something…….better go!


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