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A Rockin’ Chiropractor and a Sermonette November 18, 2008

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Yesterday I had such a nice surprise. I had a chiropractor appointment, which I do monthly, and my doc was asking what I had been up to. I was talking about the adoption and the yard sales and fundraising. He asked if he could contribute, and later, when I was checking out, he wrote me a check to go toward our adoption fund!! How awesome and unexpected is that??

Now I know there may be people out there who are SO SICK of hearing me go on and on about fundraising, but that is too bad. I even started to feel like I was beating a dead horse, but this is an amazing testimony. Not just this story, but the way that the money is coming in like it is. It was the money (or lack thereof) that kept us from taking this leap of faith to adopt for many months and here we are coming up with the money over and over through unexpected sources. My desire is that this encourages someone else out there, because I cannot count the number of people who tell me that they would love to adopt, but spending that kind of money just “doesn’t make sense”. Or that there is no way they could ever afford it. What I am telling you is that the only thing that doesn’t make earthly sense is the way that God continues to provide in the most creative ways. And let me tell you this, and you really need to listen to me here, If God has given you a burden for the orphans of this world, you should not take that lightly. I used to believe that everyone would love to step up and adopt (heck I thought most people would prefer to!) if it weren’t so expensive. What I have realized is that is just not the case. God does not plant this desire in everyone, and if you are one of the ones he has chosen, JUST DO IT. It is such a faith building experience. And I don’t believe He would put that on your heart and then not be there to help you make it happen. There is a quote by Mother Theresa that I love: “God doesn’t call the equipped. He equips those that answer the call.” It is so true, people!!!!!!

I am now climbing off my soapbox to tell you, if you need a good chiropractor give mine a call. He rocks and not just because he is generous. My neck and back think so too. He is also a songwriter and musician. Check him out at www.taylorflannagan.com to hear his music. If your chiropractor is not rockin’ your spine, call for an appointment with mine at 870-3911.


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