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An Updated Timeline November 21, 2008

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It FINALLY feels like things are moving along in the adoption. We had our home visit yesterday and discussed the timeline. From what she told us, she is thinking that we will be ready to send off all of our immigration stuff by Christmas. (She said this is a conservative guess so it could be sooner). Then there will be a 3-4 month wait to get all of that back. (Believe it or not, most of the waiting time comes courtesy of paperwork on the US side!). Then we will be ready to send our dossier to China. That means that by April we could be reviewing files of special needs boys. And she keeps stressing to me that we will probably get matched FAST since we want a boy. There still seems to be a lot of confusion out there about us getting a boy from China. Here is the Reader’s Digest version. Yes, most of the orphans in China are girls because of the one child policy and the Chinese preference for a son. However, there are a large number of boys listed on the special needs list. Since most couples who adopt from China PREFER girls, it is a much faster process if you are open to a boy. And we are not just “open” to a boy, we would be overjoyed to have another boy!

So we may be reviewing files by April and depending on when we are matched with our son, we will travel a few months later. So hopefully by this time next year, we could have 2 little boys to be thankful for on Thanksgiving!!


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