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Remaining Fundraiser Items November 25, 2008

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Well, I think I have worked as many craft fairs and holiday bazaars as I could find. I do still have some items left from my fundraiser, and I would love to sell them, so I am putting them on sale. Pictured below are some of the items. I am happy to ship them if you are out of town. I really want to move these items, not only for our benefit, but to help the wonderful woman who made this fundraiser possible. She bought a lot of the items up front and I do not want her to be in the hole just because she has such a big heart. Her family has faced some big challenges the past few months, but she has continued to work tirelessly to help the fundraising families. She has additional items on sale at http://www.holidayadoptionfundraiser.blogspot.com/. Thanks for looking!

I have tons of earrings left!! Of course the pictures don’t do them much justice, but they are so cute. If there is a particular pair you would like to see closer in another picture, just let me know!! The earrings in the first 8 pictures are handmade using vintage beads. Each pair is one of a kind! The other earrings are all from China. They are $7 for the first pair, $6 for a second pair, and $5 for any more pairs that you buy. GREAT STOCKING STUFFERS!!!

And of course, how could you forget the Chinese Character Christmas ornaments that come beautifully packaged in a red silk box? Choose from Love, Good Fortune, Peace, or Double Happiness. $14 for the first ornament, and $12 for each additional ornament.
Thanks for looking and thanks to everyone for your support!!!


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