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One Year Ago Tonight……. December 31, 2008

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….Jason and I went out for sushi. At dinner, I told him that adoption was on my heart, and asked him to seriously consider and pray about this option. Being the wonderful husband he is, he didn’t shoot the idea down immediately……..like he wanted to. After a lot of ups and downs and discussions and prayer, God “slapped him upside the head” (Jason’s words, not mine) in late May. Suddenly we BOTH knew this was the way God wanted us to grow our family, and Jason was on fire for it as much as I was. Without further concern for how we were going to finance this huge venture, we jumped in head first knowing this was God’s will for our family. With just enough money for our application fee (and some concern that the agency wouldn’t even approve us!), we started this mission. Here we are 6 months later, ALMOST done with our homestudy (thanks for the holdup FINGERPRINT guy!!).

Since then we have had 2 HUGE yard sales with our things and many donated items. I have sold donated items on ebay and Craig’s List. We have saved diligently every month. We participated in a holiday adoption fundraiser where I sold ornaments, jewelry, scarves, etc. We have been BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE by the generosity of many friends who have felt led to bless us with thousands in donations for this adoption!!!

We have a long way to go to make it to our little guy, and we are praying that 2009 is the year this happens. When I went to bed on New Year’s Eve last night, in my wildest dreams, I never would have guessed we would have come so far in one year. And I don’t just mean the adoption. We have also had to learn to lean on God in scary, uncertain times. We have learned patience and faith and provision. We have come to a better understanding of our spiritual adoption. We have learned that God can use an unthinkable situation for His glory. We know God’s heart for the hurting, the needy, and the fatherless, and we are ready to honor that. 2008 has been an amazing year.

Protected: Evil Genius Parenting Move

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Free Speech (Therapy) December 29, 2008

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I just realized that I haven’t posted any follow up about Isaac’s speech therapy…….and since I know you are all on the edge of your seat, here’s the news.  He finally had his first appointment before Christmas.  We are using the Early Intervention program and the speech pathologist comes right to our house…..for free, God love ’em.  Our speech pathologist works for Children’s Hospital and she’s very nice.  Isaac did great during his first appointment.  I have to take a minute to brag on him because she was just shocked at how smart he was.  I think a lot of the children she deals with are delayed in a variety of areas, so she wasn’t prepared for him to be ahead in other areas.  She couldn’t believe he knows all his shapes (even octagon, pentagon, oval and diamond, people….I’m just saying–circles and squares are for babies).  She was also pleasantly surprised to see he knew colors, animals, animal sounds, and that he can count to ten.

So it basically turns out that his main problem is me.  But she told me ever so nicely!  She asked me what he does when he wants something and I was at a loss.  I pretty much anticipate all of his needs and give him what I know he will want before he wants it.  I gladly took some guidance on what I should be doing, and feel a little silly for not making him ask for things more.  But in less than 2 weeks, he has come a LONG way, and it has helped decrease his frustration a lot.  Not that he is saying everything clearly, but for the most part, I can understand what he wants through him talking, pointing or signing.  For instance, tonight at dinner, he finished his linguine and told me more.  I asked him what he wanted.  He told me bread, sandwich, and granola, so I could get him something else instead of him thrashing around on the floor waiting for me to ask over and over, do you want a banana, a cereal bar, a lobotomy, WHAT???
The treatment plan is for her to come every 2 weeks for an hour until he is no longer at a 25%  deficit in his speech.  We made his next 2 appointments and then she told me we would decide where to go from there.  I could tell she even thought that he might too good to continue after that.  I am so proud of him babbling and jabbering all day long.  After all these months and months of silence, it is music to this mother’s ears!!!  
And I am so glad that we have learned how to navigate the Early Intervention program, because I plan to call them in when we finally bring our other son home, who we know will be delayed in multiple areas due to orphanage life.  The statistic that we keep hearing is that for every 3 months spent in an orphanage, a child will lose 1 month of GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT.  That is just sickening, but it is true.  If a baby is not getting loved and held and interacted with, they literally do not grow like they should,  much less learn to crawl or hold their head up.  So if our son is 18 months or 2 when we get him, we must be prepared for him to be like a 12-16 month old when we get him.  With therapy, love, nutrition, and medical attention, most of these children will catch up with their peers.  I am ready to take advantage of any and all help available to us.

A Hopefully Minor Setback

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This morning I was thinking that our home study for the adoption was going to be put in the mail. I was actually excited to think that it was time to write the next $2100 check to say that the home study is complete. I called my social worker this morning to hear, “I have bad news.” Not quite what I was hoping for. They have been waiting forever to get our fingerprints back. Jason’s came back quickly, but mine and my mom’s (if you’re new here, she lives with us and so she has to go through all the same background stuff we do) were floating out who knows where? We got ours done on the same day by some policeman who thought he was a real wise guy and thought I was dying to hear a blow by blow description of all his failed marriages. Well, he should have been paying more attention to the task at hand, because the fingerprint quality was not up to muster. Thanks a lot, dude.
I do not really know how much waiting time this will add. My social worker said to call her in 2 weeks to check in……..could it be a month? Two? No one knows and like everything else in this process, you have to know that you are at the mercy of every government agency you can think of.
I am bummed, but not destroyed or anything. I KNOW that this is for a reason and that it is in God’s perfect timing for us to get the son he has chosen to join our family. Maybe we need more time to fundraise. That is a DISTINCT possibility seeing as there is at least $14,000 more to come up with!! Maybe Isaac needs to get a little older so that he will be ready to be a big brother. Maybe Jason and I need to learn patience. Whatever the reason, I am going to roll with it.
Oh, and that picture really doesn’t have anything to do with the post, but I took it this morning at the botanical gardens and really liked it.

Protected: A Runner and a Haircut December 28, 2008

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Finally…. December 27, 2008

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To all of you out there who sit up at night thinking, “I love Elizabeth’s blog, but if only there were better pictures….and VIDEO!! Then it would be awesome!”, well have I got some good news for you. We finally ordered a new camera that is going to be so much better than what we have. And I will finally be able to put up some video of Isaac so now you can see how funny it is when he is rocking out on his guitar or how cute he is when he counts or says “nooooooo”. Sleep well tonight, faithful readers, knowing you will soon have improved photo quality for your viewing pleasure.


Not Quite Marley December 26, 2008

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Last night, Jason and I went to see Marley and Me and we really liked it. The best part was how realistically it portrayed life. Not just dog ownership, but marriage and raising kids. It’s not always hilarious and hunky-dory. I identified with a LOT in the movie. (I am writing this assuming that you have at least read the book, so I may be giving away key plot points here). There is a part where Jen gets pregnant and at 10 weeks they go to the doctor where they are told there is no heartbeat. Jason and I were just in that same position what seems like FOREVER ago, but it was just this past June. We had just decided to adopt and were so excited and then BOOM, found out we were pregnant. Although confused, we rejoiced and got so excited to be adding 2 children to our family. Then the appointment where the heartbeat just wasn’t there. What a confusing time and a lot of asking God “WHY???”. I think I see it more clearly now. When we started the adoption process, a small part of me worried that I may be giving up my quickly fading “fertile years” to adopt, and what if I never had the chance to be pregnant again? After that loss and a lot of prayer, I realized I wasn’t “giving up” anything by deciding not to get pregnant anymore. I was saving room in my house for the orphan(s?) that He called us bring home. I am so at peace with that decision now, and I can’t say I would feel that way if we hadn’t gone through that. Now that I have gotten WAY off topic……back to the movie.

There is one part that is the perfect picture of what I feel like life at our house is sometimes. Jen FINALLY gets the kids down for a nap. She tiptoes into her room and lays on the bed when……horror of all horrors, the UPS truck pulls up outside. Marley goes insane, tears the blinds off the window, wakes up the kids and as every mom knows, ruins the whole day. That is just the worst. I think I saw this quote on a shirt or something, and it is so true: Naptime is the new happy hour.

Our dog, Sebby, isn’t nearly the nuisance that Marley is in the movie, although we have had our share of chewed up bras, eaten drywall, and oh dear, the BARKING. The worst for us is the constant refereeing (is that a word?) that I do between Isaac and Sebby and for that matter Isaac and the cats. It does get trying day after day of the dog growling at Isaac and Isaac dragging the 20-year old cat around by his back leg and a fistful of fur. But they are family, and I love them.

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