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Time to Party December 7, 2008

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Let the Christmas parties begin! Last night was the party for Jason’s company and it was really fun. The best part of any party is the food (to me at least), and it was so great. There were little stations all over the place with appetizers and I ate myself silly. Actually I woke up at 3 AM thinking I was really sick but it was just because I ate so much. They had a nacho station, an Asian noodle station, a cheesecake station, and tons more. I didn’t even make it to the cookie station, the mashed potato station or the chocolate fondue station.

There was a couple at our table from Taiwan and the husband is going to teach a class on conversational Chinese!! So we told them we were definitely interested. It is geared more to people who travel there on business, but I asked if he could also teach me soothing phrases for a child. They are very active in the “Asian scene” here in our city and informed me that there is a pretty big Chinese population here. They encouraged us to attend the big Chinese New Year party at our local art museum. How fun!!

I do have to say something funny about our outfits in the picture. Without realizing it, we got dressed for the party and realized that we nearly recreated our Christmas card from 3 years ago. Apparently we need to go shopping!! But really I love that sweater and I have only worn it about 3 times ever, so for all I know, I will still be wearing it in 5 more years. At least I can say that Jason’s shirt and tie are different in this picture!! Oh well, I guess the lesson here is buy clothes that never go out of style and they will get you through many years!

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