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It is Finished! December 10, 2008

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And just like that, what had to be the longest homestudy in adoption history, is complete. We had our last meeting today and discussed travel, the orphanages, and bonding/attachment. It is time to start working on our I-800A paperwork which has to go through US Homeland Security and Immigration Departments. Our social worker told us to expect about a 4 month wait on this.

The really good news is that at the beginning of the year, I can start applying for grants to help with the adoption costs. Even though we have done an amazing job of fundraising so far, there is still about $14,000 to go, so any grants would be a huge help. We also found out today that China has raised the orphanage donation from $3000 to $5100 so that will increase the amount we need to come up with. STRESS!!

One interesting thing we found out today is that normally all your paperwork MUST be in China in order to start reviewing special needs files and get a referral. However, our social worker said that she could place us on the special needs list towards the end of our 4-month wait for the immigration paperwork and that we could be matched extremely quickly. All this really means is that we could be matched quicker, but we would have a little extra wait before we travel. So basically we would have a name, a face and a picture quicker, but we would still not be able to travel until ALL paperwork is in order. We think we will go ahead with that, because it will give us more time to prepare a room, to know his age, his size, and to get Isaac used to the idea.

Our Christmas present this year is a completed homestudy!!


2 Responses to “It is Finished!”

  1. YAY! I know you are so glad to have that part complete. I can’t wait to see which precious little child God is going to add to your family 🙂

  2. Steve n Coco Says:

    Merry Christmas!! That is a nice Christmas present. Now if we could just get USCIS to move along a little quicker… Are you familiar with chinaadopttalk.com (RumorQueen)? They’re tracking the stats with USCIS and if you’re interested, you can add yours too!be blessed,Courtney

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