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Get Me Out of the Kitchen…..NOW!!!!! December 22, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — Elizabeth @ 3:07 PM

The baking extravaganza is complete. Since my family decided not to buy each other gifts, but to help a family in need instead, I needed something to fill the void. I feel like I have been baking non-stop for 5 days straight. I tend to get out of control with things like this where it starts out for my extended family, then I decide to make for my neighbors, then my chiropractor, my social worker, the nail salon that is letting me display my earrings for sale, the trash man, the mail man…..oh and we’d like to keep some for us too!!
I have made 4 pans of peppermint bark, 5 batches of Chex muddy buddies, 3 batches of cranberry orange cookies, 2 batches of Chinese almond cookies (YUM!!!), and both white and milk chocolate covered pretzels. Exhausting, but fun, and it did help allay the need to run out and shop for everyone. So far, the treats have been a hit–maybe this will be our new tradition!

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