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One Year Ago Tonight……. December 31, 2008

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….Jason and I went out for sushi. At dinner, I told him that adoption was on my heart, and asked him to seriously consider and pray about this option. Being the wonderful husband he is, he didn’t shoot the idea down immediately……..like he wanted to. After a lot of ups and downs and discussions and prayer, God “slapped him upside the head” (Jason’s words, not mine) in late May. Suddenly we BOTH knew this was the way God wanted us to grow our family, and Jason was on fire for it as much as I was. Without further concern for how we were going to finance this huge venture, we jumped in head first knowing this was God’s will for our family. With just enough money for our application fee (and some concern that the agency wouldn’t even approve us!), we started this mission. Here we are 6 months later, ALMOST done with our homestudy (thanks for the holdup FINGERPRINT guy!!).

Since then we have had 2 HUGE yard sales with our things and many donated items. I have sold donated items on ebay and Craig’s List. We have saved diligently every month. We participated in a holiday adoption fundraiser where I sold ornaments, jewelry, scarves, etc. We have been BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE by the generosity of many friends who have felt led to bless us with thousands in donations for this adoption!!!

We have a long way to go to make it to our little guy, and we are praying that 2009 is the year this happens. When I went to bed on New Year’s Eve last night, in my wildest dreams, I never would have guessed we would have come so far in one year. And I don’t just mean the adoption. We have also had to learn to lean on God in scary, uncertain times. We have learned patience and faith and provision. We have come to a better understanding of our spiritual adoption. We have learned that God can use an unthinkable situation for His glory. We know God’s heart for the hurting, the needy, and the fatherless, and we are ready to honor that. 2008 has been an amazing year.

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