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Time to Get Back to Normal!!! January 4, 2009

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Tomorrow is the day that things are finally going to get back to normal.  I declare it!!  Isaac is going back to Mother’s Day Out tomorrow, which I think he and I are both excited about.  I am hoping that all of the Christmas decorations will be taken down today (I got all 4 trees down on Friday but things screeched to a halt yesterday because I was sick).  I feel like I need to do some spring cleaning.  I have let some clutter gather up in a few places of the house and I want to get that under control.  I also want to get back to knitting, which I haven’t done in months due to my, uh, well……..my knitting injury.  THERE, I said it!!  I am a fitness instructor, yet I hurt myself knitting!!  Go ahead and laugh–it is kind of funny!  I was knitting a scarf for my best friend Rusty for Christmas 2007 and was in a mad frenzy to get it finished and I kind of overdid it and got thoracic outlet syndrome.  I am doing much better thanks to my chiropractor, but have been scared to knit again.  But my sister gave me some beautiful yarn for Christmas, and it desperately wants to be a scarf around my neck………maybe first I should work on my shrug that I’ve already started though.  Anyway, I got a little off track there, but I want to start back knitting.

I was hoping that January would be the month that I could start applying for adoption grants, but until this fingerprint issue is resolved, that is on hold as well.  Speaking of fundraising, I do have some good news!  I had been getting very concerned that all of these donations and money we made at yard sales would hurt us at tax time, but our CPA told me that we can get up to $12,000 in cash gifts before having to claim anything.  YES!!!
One other thing that we will be doing this year is turning our office into a bedroom for another little boy and probably redoing Isaac’s room from a nursery to a big boy room.  Well this post is just turning right into a list of new year’s resolutions, isn’t it?  Okay then, I am also going to go to the eye doctor and get new glasses……and yes………WEAR THEM, well most of the time….or at least some of the time.  I don’t think I have the strength to make any more resolutions so I better go….all this typing is making my knitting arm sore anyway 🙂

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