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I’m Leaving it There January 8, 2009

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Today was Isaac’s second speech appointment, and the speech pathologist could not believe how far he had come. Isn’t it so nice when someone tells you over and over how bright your child is? Just to recap, before his appointments, he was saying very few words, having lots of tantrums and was also biting and hitting me in frustration. After only one appointment, he started to tell me what he wanted through either trying to say the word, or pointing at the object, or even using sign language. Now we have to work on sentences like “I want cookie” instead of just cookie. And after today, he is already getting the hang of it. He likes for her to come over because she has a bag of puzzles and books that he hasn’t seen before so he thinks it is fun. We are so grateful for the help that is being provided to us!!

He got a numbers puzzle for Christmas and he has been working hard on learning his numbers. He brings it to me and says in such a serious voice with such a solemn face, “Nah-noos”. He just loves to learn. He wants me to write numbers on his Magna Doodle and yesterday at 2 different times he went up to a digital clock and told me the numbers that he saw.

He did something else that really blew me away the other day. He was watching a Baby Einstein movie that he hadn’t seen in a while. It is the one about the seasons, Baby Monet. Throughout the video, they show scenes from all of the seasons and they put the words up on the screen and say FALL, WINTER, etc. Later on in the movie, the words flash on the screen (with NO narration) while the puppets dance around and music plays. Isaac would say each word when it flashed on the screen!! Obviously he can’t read yet, but I couldn’t believe that he recognized the WORDS. Okay, I’m probably losing most of you so I will stop bragging on him.

In adoption NON-news, obviously we haven’t heard back yet about the fingerprint debacle, but yesterday I sat down to organize all of our receipts and adoption paperwork. I happened across the receipt from the day we got fingerprinted and it made me mad all over again. We got the fingerprints done on JULY 7, and it took until DECEMBER 29 to find out that the quality wasn’t good enough!! That is sickening……in many ways. I have to take a lot of deep breaths when I think about that. One Sunday at church, we had another couple pray with us about some things that were going on with our adoption. This fingerprint thing isn’t the first roadblock and compared to another we faced, doesn’t amount to much, but that is a story for another day….or not. Anyway, we needed prayer and encouragement and one of the things the woman praying for us said was, “God, we are putting this in your hands and we are leaving it there.” Very simple concept, but it struck me so much. Sometimes we say to ourselves and to others, “oh well, God is in control, blah, blah”, but then we still carry that burden and that worry around and try to do things our own way. It is SO freeing to really, REALLY leave it in God’s hands. I sometimes have to say that to myself when the worries start or when I think about how much time a little boy might spend in an orphanage when he could be with a family instead. I’m leaving it there….I’m leaving it there……my new mantra.


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