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Prayer Request January 12, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — Elizabeth @ 8:49 PM

I know, I know…..if this was a drinking game where you had to drink every time you read the word “fingerprints” on my blog……well, then you probably wouldn’t be sober enough to be reading anymore. But, I have a prayer request. I have acquired some contact information for someone that I can call and ask for help with this whole fingerprint debacle. Please pray that God will grant me favor with her and move her heart to help expedite the process if she is able. It is hard to bear the thought that this could drag on for another 5 months, but if that is part of God’s plan, I am up for it. I am going to call tomorrow after I teach water aerobics, and I will post more information when I have it. Thank you for your prayers!!

By the way, the picture up at the top is exactly like the fingerprints we had to have done. We had to get 4 pages of that same thing done!! What a pain!


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