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NYC Recap January 28, 2009

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So there was more to my trip than Chinatown! I had a really good time, even though it was JUST SO COLD. Thank God my mom got me some hand warmers and toe warmers–they saved my life. We were lucky enough to see 2 plays while I was there. The first was August: Osage County, which is about a dysfunctional family in Oklahoma. We kind of thought it was going to be more funny than it was, but it was still okay. A little long, and not all of the acting was stellar, but still a considerable treat for me to be at the theater. The next day we saw Equus, which stars Daniel Radcliffe (aka Harry Potter). All of the acting was WONDERFUL which really made the play. We had amazing seats at this play and it was kind of odd to be THAT close to “Harry Potter”…..especially when he got naked. But hey, it’s art, right??

Another great thing was all of the wonderful meals–my favorite being the Korean barbecue on Saturday night. I was adventurous and tried EVERYTHING because I have always heard of kimchi, but wasn’t sure what it was (pickled cabbage). I wasn’t crazy about that, but loved everything else.

Of course the best part of any trip like this is just being with friends and making new friends and laughing and laughing and laughing about nothing in particular.

I will tell all you other moms out there a good piece of advice. When you travel without your babies/kids, it is best to do something that you simply could not do or could not enjoy with them there….that way you don’t miss them too much. As we hopped subways and walked through the freezing city and had nice meals and went to plays, it was easy NOT to miss Isaac because I couldn’t have done (and wouldn’t have wanted to do) any of that if he was there with me.

So I had a wonderful time and got a much-needed mommy break. However, it is always nice to get back to bedtime stories and sticky kisses. Isaac has had a cough that he only gets at night (no, it’s not croup) and last night he just couldn’t get to sleep because of it. I walked in his room to give him some medicine and he was so drowsy. I said, “hey baby” in a quiet voice as I went to his bed and he lifted his head up and said so quietly and sleepily, “hey baby” back to me…….it was so sweet. It’s good to be home.


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