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Would You Like to be a "Mifan Mommy" with Me? February 6, 2009

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I was over on Kay Bratt’s blog today. She spent years in China working at an orphanage and is the author of “Silent Tears”. Although she is back in the U.S., she spends a lot of time advocating for China’s orphans. I have directly copied her blog post below. What a wonderful way to spend $9/month. We can’t always afford to help every person or cause, but special needs orphans are clearly very close to our heart and I know we can spare $9!! If you would like to join me in this cause, visit her blog and let her know!!

Please pray for the children of the Fu Yang Orphanage and their staff. The orphanage, located in Anhui, China, is in what was once a factory owned by Lao Wang. When he ceased trading as a factory and the building stood empty, Lao Wang started taking in unwanted children of all ages. Being a parent of a disabled child, he could not understand how people could abandon their own children. So along with his wife he started to look after these children with no families and no homes.

Many of the more-than-200 children are healthy but just have nowhere to go. The children are split into small ‘families’ of 5-6 with a room mama or baba to oversee their care. Some are physically challenged, some mentally challenged– but all have found a home with lots of love with Lao Wang, his wife and their team. Lao Wang’s own quarters within the walls of the factory consist of a very modest room with only a bed and TV. Because he is not supported by the government as a public welfare system, they do not even have the income it takes to eat rice daily—and must save it for a special treat a few times a month. The rest of the days they eat a sort of broth. This is so sad, considering it would only cost 72.5 rmb [$9] to feed all of them for one meal.

One of the ladies I worked with in China has started to try to raise funds to provide rice for this orphanage. In another of my detailed ‘dreams’ after her email to me, I had the thought that I could post a button on my blog for sponsors to donate to help ‘buy a meal’ each month. This would be called the “Mifan Mommy Club” – as Mifan [mee-fon] means rice in Mandarin. I don’t want to go to all the work of pulling this together and figuring out all the technical issues, opening a new bank account strictly for this, etc….if it is not something that would go over well with my readers. So let’s do this, please comment if you think you would want to become a Mifan Mommy and would be able to donate $9 a month to feed the whole orphanage one meal a month. This would not be a tax-deductible contribution because neither of us are non-profit status.

Based on the comments, I will make a decision whether to move forward. Also—if you do become a Mifan Mommy, I will put your name in a special spot on my blog and you will be able to see pictures and read updates about the kids at that orphanage. So what about it?

P.S. Please pray that I will have sponsors come forward to support this project, which I feel is a direct answer to my prayers to God to bring me a new endeavor to quiet my restless spirit and ease my longing to return to my work in China.

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