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Mifan Mommies Sign Up February 16, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — Elizabeth @ 10:04 PM

I previously posted about a group called Mifan Mommies. Being a Mifan Mommy involves giving $9/month to an orphanage for special needs children to provide a meal of rice for them. I had a few readers who were interested in joining this group along with me. If you are interested in signing up or just learning more, go over to Kay Bratt’s blog to sign up. It is so easy, you can sign up through Paypal, and they will automatically deduct $9/month from your bank account, charge card, debit card, etc. And it will be tax deductible. I know times are tight, but most of us can come up with $9 to help the “least of these”.


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