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Help on the Way? March 30, 2009

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There is a chance that there may be some help on the way regarding our fingerprinting saga/disaster. Without getting too specific, I will say that I contacted someone that is over (way over) the supervisor I have been dealing with. I explained our situation and what I hoped could be done to resolve it in a timely fashion. This person responded to my concerns quickly and even had someone follow up with me on the phone to make sure they understood our situation. They told me they will work on it and get back with me tomorrow.

What makes this even more urgent is that we are now in danger of having some of our paperwork expire, most inconveniently being our physicals and bloodwork. This could be quite costly and we really don’t want to have to deal with it. The paperwork cannot be over one year old when it is sent to China. The person I contacted is aware of this and seems to want to do what they can to keep this from happening.

I know I am being vague, but until I know what is going to happen, one way or the other, that’s how I feel I need to be. Please pray that the Lord will soften hearts and that they will want to help us. I am hopeful, but at the same time it seems a little dangerous to get my hopes up.

Okay, on to yard sale news! We are having our THIRD fundraising yard sale this Friday/Saturday. Our garage is currently FULL of items that have all been donated by friends and family for us to sell. At our first yard sale, we made $1500, at our second we made about $1000. We are hoping for at least $1000 at this one too. We have SO MUCH STUFF–baby clothes, toys, bedding, maternity clothes, TVs, large kitchen appliances, Christmas stuff, kitchen stuff, books, everything you can think of. If you are in our neck of the woods this weekend, you should stop by and do some shoppping!


Hot Deals at Publix! March 29, 2009

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I’m going to make this QUICK, because I am ready for bed, but I had to post about the great deals I got at Publix on Friday. Notice the higher priced items here: 4 bags of cat food ($4.45 each), 1 pack of nighttime diapers (11.79), 3-pack of wipes refills, huge box of litter. There is also cereal, 2 boxes of cereal bars, bagged lettuce, tomatoes, 2 cantaloupes, half and half, marmalade, and 2 bags of Pretzel Crisps.

Saved using coupons: $13.70
Saved using store sales: $26.81
Total Savings: $40.51
Total Out of Pocket: $42.28

You can’t beat an almost 50% savings!!!! And between sales/coupons, all 4 bags of cat food were FREE!!!!

Bruno’s is having a special through Thursday where they are TRIPLING coupons up to 0.55!! That is awesome! I am going to try to scout some deals out tomorrow–will post if I have a really successful trip!!!

Protected: My Charming Boy

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Muchas Gracias, Dora! March 26, 2009

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Before leaving for the beach last week, I stopped by the library to pick up some DVDs to bring along for Isaac. I knew he would need something to watch since at home, we DVR shows for him to watch and we wouldn’t have that there. One of the DVDs I chose was Dora Save the Day! I got it because it included Diego, and I know that Isaac likes Diego. What I didn’t know is how much I would regret this choice.

To preface, I will say that Isaac is in a stage right now where he wants to know where everyone is…..at all times. He was already being somewhat clingy with me–not anything too unusual, but I was spending a lot of time reassuring him. All day, it is: Daddy? Mooma (Grandma)? Aunt Chris? Max? Uh Rabbit (Uncle Roger)? I had to keep him apprised of everyone’s location at all times.

Then he watched this DVD. He really liked it, especially since Diego was there. He was getting into the songs, and I was really digging how they sang about “We did it!” at the end. I was thinking that we would have to add some Dora into the rotation at home. What I didn’t pay as much attention to was the plot. Well, as tends to happen in cartoons, a baby fox lost his mommy, and Dora had to get him back. The fox would cry and call out, “mommy, mommy”. To make matters even worse, it showed the mommy fox back at home calling for her baby. Once I really paid attention, I realized it was quite sad……and apparently it had quite an impact on Isaac.

Since returning home from the beach he has only spent one full night in his bed–last night, Thank GOD! He wakes up shrieking and cries out, “mommy, mommy” in the baby fox voice. He even walks around while he’s awake saying it. I really think he is scared he’s going to lose me. This got me thinking about how ridiculously common this theme is in children’s shows/movies. Disney is well known for killing off mommies (think Bambi, Finding Nemo), and it seems many of the shows geared towards children Isaac’s age feature an animal “in trouble”. Many times their trouble is that they have lost their family. I never thought about how that might make a child feel.

So I am getting ready to cancel some shows on our DVR. For now, we will have to say good-bye to Diego and Wonder Pets. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is primarily about problem-solving and Isaac loves it, but just this morning, they were trying to get a baby red bird back home to its mommy. We may just have to go back to Barney and the Wiggles for a while. They may be annoying, but no one is ever in danger and they teach values I appreciate: friendship, taking turns, brushing your teeth. I can get on board with that. If anyone has any shows they would like to recommend I am all ears. Sesame Street is pretty obvious, but in the past Isaac could care less if anyone else but Elmo is onscreen. And he has no love for the Imagination Movers.

In other Isaac news…..Aunt Chris bought him an alphabet puzzle, and in about 1 day, he knew all his letters. At the beach I found out much to my surprise that he can spell his name. We figured he must have memorized the letters above his bed where his name is spelled out. We are planning a big boy room for him, so soon all the pretty pale blues and greens will be replaced–I will post pictures as we make progress on that. He is really into taking turns–a new phrase he has is, “Isaac tum!!!”, which means Isaac’s turn. He learned all about turns when we were at the beach and he had to share with his cousin. Last night at dinner he insisted on using his “baby forks”. They are plastic–one is blue, one is red. He would say, “blue tum” and pick up food with the blue fork, then say “red tum” and pick up the food with that one. He also picked up some hot dog and said, “oh no, hot dog sad.” Then he kind of hugged it and said, “ah bebby (all better), hot dog happy.” You never know what is going through this kid’s head!


Protected: Faves from Botanical Gardens March 24, 2009

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Protected: Recent Pics from the Beach and Botanical Gardens

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Fingerprint Update March 23, 2009

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While pictures from our beach trip would be much more entertaining, I cannot get blogger to upload any right now. So instead, you get to hear an update on the fingerprint situation. I was really able to put it out of my mind at the beach last week which was a good thing, but now we are back to reality. I spent 70 minutes on hold with the FBI waiting to speak to someone. When they finally answered, I was told they have not received the second set of prints yet. So I called the ABI (the state office they had to go through first) to check on the status. From what they told me, they mailed the prints to the FBI on March 16th. The woman I have to deal with there is the biggest downer. She is not very nice, not very helpful, and worst of all not encouraging AT ALL. I thanked her as cheerfully as I could and told her I would follow up with the FBI next week to check on the progress. She told me not to bother–that it would take them at least 4-6 weeks to process them. Thanks a lot Debbie Downer. That seemed to make her more cheerful than anything–telling me that it was going to take so long. I will look on the bright side and note that they have been there for 1 week already which means that knocks the wait time down to 3-5 weeks. I will call again next Monday.

I put a new song (You’ll Come) on my playlist this morning that we have been singing at church. I really like the line “We are not shaken, we are not moved, We wait upon you Lord”. I just have to keep singing it.