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Dining Room Sneak Peek March 3, 2009

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One of my favorite bloggers over at Fiddledeedee does her Favorite Things every Tuesday, and this time I had to join her. My favorite thing this week is World Market!! As you know, we are redoing our dining room and I bought my inspiration item at World Market…..on sale, of course. Here is a sneak peek of the curtains we will be hanging tonight.

I also got some pretty colored dishes to brighten up our china cabinet.

Painted the walls yesterday with this gorgeous color–it turned out great!!!

What’s not to love about World Market? You can get pretty, brightly colored home decor, they have a food and wine section, a kid’s section, and great sales. You know it’s great when you can pick up some pretty curtains, a dinosaur hand towel for your son’s bathroom and a bag of Wasabi Peas all in the same place!!!

Stay tuned for pictures of the completed project soon!!


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