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Fingerprint Update March 23, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — Elizabeth @ 10:36 AM

While pictures from our beach trip would be much more entertaining, I cannot get blogger to upload any right now. So instead, you get to hear an update on the fingerprint situation. I was really able to put it out of my mind at the beach last week which was a good thing, but now we are back to reality. I spent 70 minutes on hold with the FBI waiting to speak to someone. When they finally answered, I was told they have not received the second set of prints yet. So I called the ABI (the state office they had to go through first) to check on the status. From what they told me, they mailed the prints to the FBI on March 16th. The woman I have to deal with there is the biggest downer. She is not very nice, not very helpful, and worst of all not encouraging AT ALL. I thanked her as cheerfully as I could and told her I would follow up with the FBI next week to check on the progress. She told me not to bother–that it would take them at least 4-6 weeks to process them. Thanks a lot Debbie Downer. That seemed to make her more cheerful than anything–telling me that it was going to take so long. I will look on the bright side and note that they have been there for 1 week already which means that knocks the wait time down to 3-5 weeks. I will call again next Monday.

I put a new song (You’ll Come) on my playlist this morning that we have been singing at church. I really like the line “We are not shaken, we are not moved, We wait upon you Lord”. I just have to keep singing it.


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