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My Publix Deals this Week March 23, 2009

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Last night I had to run by Publix after church for a few items I needed like fruit and cat food. But the sales were so good, I got a few more things. I am going back today for our big trip, but just last night, I saved 68%!!!! A lot of this stuff (like the yogurt, butter, and paper towels) will be donated to the food pantry at church. Here is a quick breakdown:

Regular Price Total: $29.46
-$5.77 (sales)
-$14.31 coupons
Total out of pocket: $9.38 (before tax)

My favorite deal was the yogurt, which was free with sale/coupons and the butter. I bought over $13 worth of butter for $2.09, and that is the healthiest butter on the market! Here’s how: the tubs of spread were BOGO, so I bought 2 and had a coupon for $1/when you buy two. Then I had 2 coupons for a FREE box of Smart Balance sticks of butter when you buy a tub. So both boxes of butter sticks were free. AWESOME!

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