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Lightning Strikes April 2, 2009

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Tuesday morning, I was sitting with Isaac while he ate breakfast at our little table in the kitchen. It was storming outside and so at about 7:15 it was still nearly dark. Suddenly I heard a boom that sounded like a bomb going off in our living room. I don’t know how to describe it other than terrifying. At the same time, through our kitchen window, I saw flashes of white debris flying by the window. I screamed, “Oh God, our house!”. I picked Isaac up and ran towards the hall where Jason was, wondering the whole time why our house was still standing. My mom ran upstairs literally thinking we had been bombed while at the same time wondering, “who would want to bomb Birmingham”. It didn’t take long to realize that lightning had struck the big, beautiful oak tree right outside our house. In addition to spraying giant limbs and tree debris (the tree LITERALLY exploded) all over our house and decks, the top half of the tree was picked up and planted through the roof of our neighbor’s barn. The remainder of the tree was split down the middle. If it hadn’t been so wet, the tree would have immediately caught fire–the air smelled of burnt wood. We have a lot of minor damage that adds up, but we have insurance and are thankful that we are all safe. God had his hand on us (not that we’re surprised!!!) Here are some pics.

One other interesting point–pieces of the tree flew as far away as the street in FRONT of our house. Where the wood split away from the tree, was the smoothest wood you have ever felt. You could have sanded this wood for years and it still wouldn’t have felt so smooth. It was eerie. Some neighborhood kids came by and I was telling them what happened. They picked up some wood to feel it and asked if they could have it for souvenirs!!! Interestingly enough, I have one neighbor that lives on another street who saw the flash of light out her window when it happened and the boom was big enough to move her daughter’s bed. Crazy!!!!


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