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Gift of God May 24, 2009

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We have finally chosen a name for our precious, new son, and it is Matthew. The meaning is “Gift of God” and it is certainly fitting! We chose Isaac’s name because it meant “he will laugh”. Isaac has definitely fulfilled that meaning, and we know Matthew will be the same way!

It breaks my heart to change his name–everything he’s known in his short little life is going to change and I am already mourning these losses for him. Of course, we will be using part of his Korean name as his middle name, but that part isn’t completely decided. I am sure we will start out by calling him his Korean name and easing into Matthew.

I was going through some of Matthew’s paperwork today and trying to figure out exactly how big he is. The last measurements I have for him are from January, when he was 20 months old. After I converted from centimeters and kilograms, I found out that he was 22 pounds and 30 inches tall (which would have him wearing 12 month size clothing)! The doctor told me he was tiny, and she is right. Just to compare, Isaac is about 30 pounds and 36 inches tall! Don’t get too concerned about little Matthew though, he is being very well fed and taken care of–it’s just that he is a peanut. He was born 7 weeks premature, and he has grown steadily since then…..he has just stayed in the 3rd percentile this entire time. So even though he and Isaac are very close in age, Isaac will certainly be a lot bigger! We hope to be receiving some updated measurements and developmental information for him soon. That will help as I try to figure out what size he is and how we should do his room! I have no clue if he is in a crib, a bed, or co-sleeping with his foster mom–that makes it hard to plan a bedroom.

Those are all the fun facts I can think of about Matthew tonight. I have a good many pictures of him…..some going back to very early infancy, but I figured I would ration them out on the blog. We still have a lot of time until we get him in our arms. I hope to find out a lot more information next week as far as a timeline to go get him and when we can start sending him care packages. Those are the most important things on our radar right now.


Protected: Poor, Neglected Isaac May 23, 2009

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Since Yesterday *EDITED* May 22, 2009

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*I had to edit this to add one of my most favorite things that happened yesterday!*
What a whirlwind the past few days has been!! Yesterday was so wonderful and I am still reveling in all of the congratulations and beautiful messages that have been sent to us. I don’t have a thoughtfully laid out post today, but here are some highlights of the past 24 hours.

*About 15 minutes after talking to the social worker and finding out that this was officially our son, I got an e-mail from Rainbow Kids, the special needs website where I first saw this little one. It said: “Child 107-37 has been deleted from the Rainbow Kids photolisting by his/her agency. In most cases, children have been removed from the photolisting because they have been matched to a family.” YIPPEE, they were right!!!!!!

*I introduced myself on a Yahoo support group that deals with Korean adoptions. I put a link to my blog and some people clicked over to view it. I got a few messages from people who had seen our child on Rainbow Kids and had been praying for months that his family would find him soon. To those people who took the time to pray for our son, I would like to tell you that you will never know how much that means to me. It sent me straight to tears!

*A lot of people have told me that they think our beautiful, new boy favors Isaac. And some people have told me that they think he favors me!! I love it! I don’t know if it’s true, but I do know that the first time we saw his picture, it made us think of Isaac. As we looked at his picture and looked at other children (some younger and some with potentially less complicated needs) we would think, but THIS BOY looks like he belongs in our family. He seems like one of us!!

*I got a phone call this morning from Immigration……and I need to give some backup information here, because I know I have some new readers on here (welcome, by the way!!). My mom lives with us, and when we did our first set of fingerprints for the homestudy, we had major issues with her fingerprints. Major. 9 months worth. Not because she’s a criminal, but because they cannot seem to get a “quality” set of fingerprints from her. So we have been just sick about what might happen with this next set of fingerprints we need for immigration. Back to the story! Immigration calls because they have received my I-600A, and as it turns out, I sent them way more stuff than they actually needed and they were just letting me know. The guy was SO NICE. After assuring me that our paperwork was in order, I told him our fingerprinting saga and asked what the protocol would be there. He told me that he was going to set our appointment up with this guy in our local office who was known for being able to get the best prints. Our appointment will be later on in June, he said. Then I asked, if they WERE rejected, how long would that take (remember with DHR, they took about 3 months just to tell us they were rejected????)? Well, praise the LORD, because immigration can let you know in 3-5 DAYS. So even if we have those problems again, it shouldn’t set us back more than 2 weeks. That is a HUGE relief!

It absolutely feels like we are finally moving in the right direction now after a year of spinning our wheels. Things are moving faster than I expected. This morning in the shower I was thinking that God must have been looking down at us and going “when are these people gonna finally figure out that they need to CHANGE DIRECTIONS? How much more is going to have to go wrong???”, but now I realize that what he must have been doing is looking down at us and thinking, “Are they ready yet? No. Soon, though.” I do believe that His plan has been perfectly orchestrated, and although I would have loved for things to have gone quickly and smoothly from Day 1, I would like to think we have grown in strength, in faith, and in character. If I had seen this beautiful boy’s picture a year ago, would we have been strong enough to say yes to the uncertainties that we may face with his need? Would we have worried too much about how close the boys would be in age (Isaac is 6 months older, by the way)? Would we have worried that the monetary cost of going to Korea is probably higher? Were we strong enough a year ago to say without a doubt anywhere in our minds, “Yes, this is our son, and we will do WHATEVER it takes to bring him home.” I don’t think either Jason or I was “there” a year ago. But we are so glad to be here now!


Protected: For This Child I Prayed….. May 21, 2009

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Quick Update!! May 20, 2009

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I have to make this very brief, because I have to get dinner on the table!! I just spoke to Dr. Chambers, and there were no surprises as far as the MRI results went. It was just what we expected to hear and that is a good thing……although don’t you know it would have been wonderful if they had said, there are no problems AT ALL!!!

So anyway, first thing in the morning, we are calling the agency to say YES!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to hear the next steps and I will post right after I know.

We are one step closer!!!

Thank you for the prayers!! More info to come tomorrow!!!!!



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The doctor is meeting with a radiologist at 1:00 to go over the MRI results. We should hear from her very soon after that. Say a prayer that there will be no surprises. Our plan is to call the agency right after that with our final decision. I will update ASAP.


You Don’t Know…… May 18, 2009

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how badly I am DYING to share all of our pictures of this completely adorable boy!!!! The FedEx truck pulled up at about 11:30 with the envelope. I tore into it and along with the medical information was a little see-through envelope with pictures in it. I started crying before I even got them all the way out.

He is THE. CUTEST. THING. I am telling you, this is a happy baby! Well, he’s not really a baby, but it looks like he is still drinking a bottle and he’s as happy as can be about that!!

The medical info has been delivered to the adoption clinic and the doctor will have it this afternoon. My hope is that she calls us tonight or tomorrow. She may want to have a specialist look at it too, and I don’t know how long that would take. Too long!!

I tell you what–there is not much the doctors could tell us to change our minds at this point!! But we do have to be realistic and know as much as we can about his needs. We feel VERY encouraged by everything we know so far. Hopefully I will be able to post more very soon!! Thank you for the prayers and keep them coming!!