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Big News! Big News! May 11, 2009

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It has been a long time coming, but we finally have some news on the adoption front. We have decided to change our homestudy and adopt from South Korea!!!!

So why South Korea?? Well, it’s not so much about the country as it is a child that we are very interested in. To be honest, I found this child months ago when China was still our full focus. I saw him on Rainbow Kids and saved his description to my profile. Rainbow Kids is a little sneaky because they list children by region. His region was “Asia” and I just assumed he was in China because that is where my head was. Fast forward to when we started researching other countries: I decided to look into South Korea, and here was this boy! Jason and I were both drawn to him and even as we were researching MANY different places we kept coming back to him. As the weeks went on, we learned little tidbits about him and our interest grew and grew. Friday we were able to get his medical file and had it reviewed by an international adoption doctor!!!

We are very excited about what we have learned so far, but at the advice of the doctor, we have requested some further tests and updated information. The social worker believes we will get the info we have requested, but did tell us that it would take a long time……like weeks. What’s a few weeks to us now that our homestudy has taken nearly a year??

So because we are so very smitten with this little one, we have declared that South Korea is where we are going, so that our social worker can once and for all finalize the homestudy and we can start on our immigration paperwork. I cannot share anything specific about this little one because we haven’t officially said, “YES” yet.

Here is what I can tell you:
It’s a boy (I guess you’ve picked up on that by now)
He is younger than Isaac, but not by much
He is in foster care, and has been since he was an infant, with a foster mother that adores him (thank you God for that!!)
He has been waiting for a family for way too long!!
To Jason and me, he is one of the two cutest boys on the planet!!


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