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And Now for the Good News….. June 2, 2009

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Okay, yesterday I promised some good news to follow up on the kind of icky news I posted then. And this is really, really good!! First of all, I will say that the total cost to adopt from Korea seems to be about $5000 more than we had planned on when we started with the China adoption. This was a little scary, but once you find your child and know you are on the right path, you just roll with it. Well, there is a wonderful foundation called Brittany’s Hope that works to lower the cost of adopting special needs children by providing grants. This amazing foundation had learned of Matthew long before we did and knew he had waited a long time for a family. They placed a $5000 grant on Matthew and that money will go straight to the adoption agency to offset costs for us!! So while we thought it would cost more, God met this need immediately with this grant! We are thrilled that we will be able to work with Brittany’s Hope and are excited that through the future work we do with them, we will be able to “pay it forward” and pave the way for other special needs children to join their families. To view other waiting children that Brittany’s Hope has stepped forward to help, please go here.

And if you thought that was all the good news I had for today, you were WRONG!!! I have some even more amazing news!! After we announced the news about Matthew on our blog, we had an angel step forward with an amazing offer. This angel (who would like to remain anonymous) checked the price on flights to Korea ($1400 each!!) and has pledged to donate $4200 to our family to help cover the cost of flights when we go get Matthew. This was COMPLETELY unexpected, and to be quite honest, I had been in a bit of a panic over the high cost of travel to Korea. What an amazing blessing–the best I had even dared to hope for was that someone might donate some air miles to us! Just another reminder to never put God in a box–he will provide in his own ways and his own time. And to our angel, if you are reading this, you will never know how much it means to us that you stepped forward in such a bold and generous way.

Now how’s that for some good news?


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