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Rained Out!!! June 13, 2009

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This weekend was supposed to be our 4th fundraising yard sale. Yesterday, the weather cooperated right up until the late afternoon. Things started getting REALLY SLOW right around lunch and finally one of my “regular” customers came to shop and told me all the signs had been taken down. Not knocked down, but removed completely. UGH!! So that made for a slow afternoon with not much $$ coming in, which is a shame because we may have had more items this time than any other time!

Last night we brought in a lot of items into the garage and taped tarps over all of the tables and right when we finished a huge storm blew in. The tarps held and only 2 small boxes of picture frames got wet, so that was great (and surprising!).

So we got up this morning and checked the weather. The hour by hour (which I will never trust again) showed partly cloudy skies until noon with an only 5% chance of rain. So Jason and I brought EVERYTHING out into the driveway and untarped all of the tables and furniture. Jason left to go put up all the new signs as I arranged the items and waited for my big crowd. The skies started to look ominous and I came inside to check the weather again. The 5% chance of rain had jumped suddenly to 95%….and my husband was out hanging signs. I had to bring EVERYTHING back into the garage all by myself and try to re-tarp everything as the thunder started rumbling. It is now 1:00 and the rain is still going strong.

Now that hasn’t stopped the hard core yard salers who stand out in the rain and try to peer through the tarps (what is up with that) or come and stumble over all the unorganized things in the garage. Craziness, that is for sure.

We may continue this tomorrow if it looks like the weather is going to improve OR we may just have to hold onto a lot of the stuff for the next one. It is just so disappointing because of all the work and planning. We have probably only pulled in a few hundred bucks this time, but don’t get me wrong, we are thankful!

Here’s hoping for some sunshine very soon!


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