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Here I am Again June 16, 2009

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It happens about every week or 10 days. All of a sudden I will sit up straight and think, “what is going on with this adoption??”. Seriously, WHY ISN’T ANYTHING HAPPENING????

Our homestudy is still NOT at DHR. It is lunacy, pure and simple. There is nothing that is really holding it up but people waiting on other people. Working with 2 agencies feels like a nightmare. They only communicate through me which slows things down terrifically. Every time I talk to my SW, she tells me that it is ready to go…..let’s just let the supervisor look it over, or now someone’s urinalysis is over a year old. Get that done and it will be ready to go. Oh wait, we better get someone at the other agency to look at it. Oops, that person is on vacation for 10 days. I can’t take it anymore.

The timeline of going to get Matthew in February was constructed with the assumption that as the weeks passed, progress was occurring and it isn’t. This homestudy STILL has to sit at DHR for 4-6 weeks. We still have to do our I-600 (I-600A has already been sent) and fingerprinting. And then they say 5-6 months when the paperwork gets to Korea.

Nausea, anger, frustration, disbelief–this is where I am today.


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