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Care Package Near Completion June 18, 2009

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(Turn up your volume–I heard this song tonight and it made me think of Matthew). I have been working on Matthew’s care package some this week. You would think I would be done with it by now, but I swear I am having trouble concentrating on anything with this homestudy craziness going on. I cannot even explain it to you because it defies explanation. But it isn’t going out to DHR this week either. I spent most of the day running interference between the 2 agencies over a stinking fax. You wouldn’t even believe me if I tried to go into it………

Sooooooo, I have been on a mission to fill the gallon sized Ziploc for Matthew. Here is what I have compiled so far (pictures coming soon):
small soft lovey with a lamb on it (I have been sleeping with it so it will smell like me)
small photo album that I will fill with pictures of us and our house, pets, etc.
two tiny train cars that hook together
a little stick that makes a really funny noise when you shake it (Isaac has a big one and it really cracks him up)
some Mickey Mouse sunglasses (I got Isaac a similar pair and am going to include pictures of Isaac wearing his)
a small book called First Words that has one picture/word on each page
a disposable camera (hopefully his foster mother will take lots of pictures that we can have)
a soft foam frame with magnets on the back that we are going to put a family picture in. It is soft/bendable so he can carry it around and play with it or they can keep it on the fridge.
I bought a few Birmingham postcards today. They probably won’t mean much to Matthew, but maybe his foster family will like to know where he is going.

I still want to pick up a few sheets of stickers since those take up virtually no room and then I will see how much room is left after that…..you don’t think I can fold myself up to fit in a Ziploc bag do you?


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