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Just Had to Share June 25, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — Elizabeth @ 4:12 PM

Publix has some great deals this week. I had so many coupons I had to head out today and unload some of them. I got a bunch of stuff for free and some for super-cheap! Here are my stats:

Coupon Savings: 27.49
Advertised Special Savings: 36.47
Total Savings: 63.96
Total Out of Pocket: 23.41 with tax

Everything I bought was on sale except bananas, and I had coupons for everything except the produce and meat. As the cashier was ringing me up, she was saying she didn’t have the time for coupons. I thought about that and started thinking……let’s say it took me 2 hours to work on my coupons for this shopping trip alone. I think that’s a little high, but let’s just say. That would put my time being worth nearly $32/hour. I can live with that. It’s certainly more than I make at my other job!! So I don’t really get where people don’t have time for it. Don’t have the patience for it–I can totally understand that. But our family just got a ton of food and we even got a good bit to donate to a family in need, so it is DEFINITELY worth it to us. 4 boxes of cereal for 0.38….I’ll make time for that!

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