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Happy Bloggy-versary to Me! July 30, 2009

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Today marks one year that I have been a part of the blogosphere. I have to admit that I LOVE it. Not just writing my own blog, but reading lots of other blogs!! I am shocked at the number of wonderful people I have “met” through this process that I consider to be true friends. It’s amazing how that has happened!

Obviously this has been a huge year for us–we have found our son who is waiting on the other side of the earth. On the second anniversary of the blog, he will be here with us!!

Our blog has 26 public followers, which I love because I think it is such a compliment that anyone cares that much to follow along on this journey with us. I tend to think there are more readers out there than that, but maybe they don’t want to be public….maybe my blog is one of their guilty pleasures they don’t want anyone to know about, and they read it only in the cover of night, wearing an old prom dress, and eating olives from a jar, while watching Bridezillas. Whatever works for you!

What better way to celebrate than by sharing a short video clip of Matthew–his video debut!!! This is a video I have had for a few months–we got it with his referral information. We are still working on converting some of the new DVDs we got to video files that can be clipped down and shared. The quality on this one is not great and he spends a lot of the time crying (HINT: do NOT take a toy away from this child!!). But you are rewarded at the end with a close up of his precious face.



Protected: What Makes Him Special? July 28, 2009

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Home Study Update July 27, 2009

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For those of you who may actually be wondering what is going on with our timeline…..our social worker spoke to the aforementioned “approver” of home studies. To catch everyone else up, all of our paperwork is ready for Korea–we just need her to sign off on the home study and get it back to our local agency. The approver told our social worker she should have the homestudy done this week.

We are a little scared to get too excited because who knows if it will happen, but we are hopeful and ask that you say a prayer that this would be the case! Could our paperwork be in Korea by the end of next week? It could happen, which is awesome because I have been secretly hoping to myself that it would be there by August…..first week of August will do!

We are really busy at our house trying to get things ready for Matthew’s arrival. We have to make a downstairs catch all/storage room into our office and our current office into his bedroom. I have a good friend who is helping us do a total playroom makeover and we have a garage full of stuff ready for our next yard sale….which will hopefully be happening this weekend depending on weather.

I found what I think to be a perfect bedroom set for Matthew’s room this morning on Craig’s List and we are going to go see it tonight. The price is right, the condition seems to be excellent, we are thrilled. It is starting to feel more real!


Protected: Because If I Don’t Write it Down….. July 25, 2009

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The Love of a Foster Mother July 22, 2009

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I just read a beautifully written piece on foster parents that brought me to tears. Read this excerpt and promise when you are done here to read the whole thing!!

One time I was in the small home of a very poor foster family in another province. I was there when the old gentleman and his wife were told that one of their three foster children would be adopted soon. They both started crying. After he had regained his composure, the grandpa walked to a corner of their small, one-room house and took a framed picture off the wall… the only decoration hanging in their home. It was a collage of photographs of all the children they’d ever fostered. And he had a small chalkboard with the children’s names that hung beside the frame. On it he had written their names and the dates of their arrivals and departures.

With watery eyes, he told us, “I just want to know that they are OK and happy.”

As I have mentioned before, I think alot about Matthew’s foster parents. I know a little about his foster mother. I know her name and have seen her picture. I know she took over Matthew’s care on November 23, 2007. In Matthew’s paperwork it says that she has “taken good care of babies, especially handicapped children and difficult babies with love and devotion since 1984. Her families love babies very much and are very supportive of childcare.”

There is no way they could sum up her “job” as foster mother in 2 sentences or even two pages. The love of a mother is a vast thing that I could write a book on and never begin to scratch the surface. She has been doing this for 25 years!! Some people have asked me (and earlier on I wondered myself) why wouldn’t she just adopt Matthew herself? Obviously, I do not know the answer to this question, but I do know one thing. It is clear that she loves being a foster mother. All I can assume is that she feels a calling to foster these babies until they are placed with their forever families…..just as Jason and I did not feel called to foster, but we felt called to adopt.

I do not yet know the protocol for keeping in touch with foster parents when adopting from South Korea, but I desperately want to. Just as Matthew’s birth family will always be linked to us, I think of his foster family as being a part of us as well. I want that connection for him, and I want her to go to sleep every night knowing he is happy and loved and that we value the love and affection that she poured out on him for two years. What an amazing gift she is giving us every second as she loves our son, feeds him, rocks him, and plays with him. Thanks to her I can sleep every night not wondering if he is lonely or hungry. In a way, she is one of the most important people on earth to me at this very moment. She is my hands and feet, my heart and my voice….doing the job I desperately wish I could be doing….until the time comes when I take over the job as Matthew’s mommy…..and forever bring a piece of her heart back to the US with me.


Frustration Reigns Supreme July 21, 2009

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UGH. That’s all I can think of to say. We were told that our homestudy being approved by DHR would take about 2-4 weeks. Today is 4 weeks. Last week our social worker called the person who does this (we’ll call her “the approver”) and the approver told her it had moved to Pile 2 (people who say things like this need to be slapped) and that she would “try to get to it this week”. So I decided to call her and check on things today. Surprise!! She is out of the office all week. Now how in the world did she think she was going to be trying to get to it this week? Seriously, woman!

So here is the frustrating part. Our new agency could care less if the homestudy is DHR approved. Korea does NOT require that DHR approve the homestudy. BUT our social worker at Lifeline cannot sign it (Lifeline policy) until it is DHR approved, and it MUST be signed to go to Korea. So there’s the confusing and frustrating truth.

The approver is making me mad. She does all the homestudies if your name ends in N-Z (us!), and she is at least 2 weeks slower (on average) than the woman who does it if your name ends in A-M. I cry foul on that one! I feel like I am between a rock and a hard place. I want to call and speak to the DHR commissioner who helped finally push our fingerprints through after 9 months, but I feel like the approver will find this antagonistic and drag things out further. Because it is an “identified child” homestudy, she has the power to ask for lots and lots of documentation from Korea which could take months to get thus dragging it out exponentially longer! So do I sit here at home and whimper or get all up in her business and hope that she doesn’t make my life miserable? A quandary for sure.

Today we got our fingerprints done for immigration. So that is something.

In other news, I made some more collages and added them to my Etsy store. Making these collages is very Zen for me….which is good with all the stress of waiting.


Protected: Two Month Anniversary July 20, 2009

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