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Big Brother July 4, 2009

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Everyone keeps asking what Isaac thinks about the adoption. It’s very hard to tell what is going on in the mind of any 2.5 year old. We didn’t talk about the adoption in any terms with Isaac until we were matched with Matthew–simply because the process is so long, and it would have been so hard to explain without pictures.

Right now he knows for sure that the boy in the pictures is Matthew and that it is his little brother. He also seems to know that when there are 2 of something, one is his and one is Matthew’s. It helped that he was with me when we bought the sunglasses and shirt for Matthew’s care package. And when I was sleeping with the lovey that we sent to Matthew, Isaac was quick to pick it up and set it aside when we played, telling me it was Matthew’s.

The other day I was taking him for a ride in his wagon, which has two seats. He is very intrigued with seatbelts lately (I think he enjoys learning to fasten and unfasten them). He was sitting in one of the seats and fiddling with the seatbelt in the other seat. I told him to sit back because there was one in his seat he could play with. He looked up at me and pointed to the other seat and said, “it’s Matthew’s” and then told me the one he was sitting in was Isaac’s. I, of course, became very teary and proud. I was telling my mom about this and she broke it to me that she taught Isaac that a few weeks ago when she took him out in the wagon. But still, he remembered!

Isaac does this strange thing where if he sees something in a book or on TV that he really likes or looks fun, he tries to climb inside. For instance, if someone in a book is eating a cookie, he puts the book on the floor and steps on it and says, “come in? Isaac’s cookie.” He has tried to do the same thing with the TV when someone on TV is at the playground or something. So anyway the other day we were eating breakfast and he was sitting in the chair I normally sit in, which faces a large collage picture frame on the wall. He noticed a picture of Matthew that he probably doesn’t see very much simply because of where it hangs. He pointed and said, “other Matthew. Isaac come in?” and picked up his foot like he wanted to climb in. I am taking that as a good sign that he really wants to be with him and play. I think he said “other Matthew” because we have a very limited number of pictures of Matthew, and only a few of them are recent. We have multiple copies of the more recent pictures in frames all over the house and a very few pictures of Matthew as a younger baby. This was one of Matthew that was much younger that I don’t know if Isaac had ever seen very much……as opposed to one that we probably have in 3 different locations in the house.

Hopefully we will be starting on Matthew’s room soon and I think that will make things VERY real to Isaac. It will certainly make it more real to us and will be so exciting. I only wish we had some knowledge about what Matthew is interested in so that for instance, if he loved trains, we could choose that as a theme and really please him when he got home. I am just so very excited about everything that is happening in our family. We are so very, very blessed!


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