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The Art of Measuring Time July 9, 2009

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If things move along as we have been told, our homestudy should be approved in 2 weeks. At first I had hoped for sooner, as my social worker told me she was going to try and pull some strings. I don’t think the strings wanted to be pulled, so now I am just hoping that it will be approved in the “normal timeframe” of about 4 weeks. (I am trying to put the 9-month fingerprint holdup in the back of my mind right about now, because I know the same kinds of things could just as easily happen with a homestudy).

Once the homestudy is approved, all of our paperwork will be sent to Korea, and then, we will be waiting on a travel call. That is how the social worker put it, oh so simply, to us the other day. No log in dates, letters of approval, travel approvals, none of the stuff that I was familiar with the China process. Just send it in, and wait a long, long time for your phone to ring. I know it isn’t as simple as all that. We still haven’t had our USCIS fingerprints done, but that is not something that has to be done before paperwork is sent, so that progress can happen concurrently with the paperwork being in Korea. A lot has to go on with the paperwork once it is in Korea. I am going to wait until we send it to ask about all the specifics. All of what we’ve been told is: we’ll send it in, you will wait approximately 5-6 months for your travel call, and then you go get him.

Sometimes it is so hard to think of this process in terms of weeks and months. When you are counting, they go by sooooo slowly. I am trying to be creative in the way I think about time to make it seem better. I tell myself the homestudy should be getting approved right around the time we get fingerprinted for USCIS, or that our paperwork should be in Korea by the time the new season of Project Runway starts in August (LOVE that show).

I teach 2 water aerobics classes every Tuesday morning, and somehow it always seems like Tuesday comes around faster than any other day, so sometimes I tell myself, 2 more Tuesdays and homestudy should be done or 4 more Tuesdays and your paperwork will probably be in Korea.

How I will measure once the paperwork is there and we are looking at a 5-6 month stretch? That I don’t know yet. Getting through Isaac’s birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas missing a family member….that’s gonna be a tough one. Maybe by then I’ll be saying things like, “5 more holidays and then Matthew will be home with us.” Whatever it takes, right?


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