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Let’s Help Send them to Ukraine!! July 19, 2009

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My friend Aimee (who is an adoptive parent of a precious girl from China) is planning a trip to Ukraine. She and her friend Jami will be going to Ukraine to minister to older children in several orphanages. Many of these children are close to “aging-out” of the orphanage and will be on the street at the young age of 14, in less than a year. It is their desire to deliver the Good News of Jesus Christ to each child and gain information for potential families so that they can be adopted.

What an amazing opportunity they will have to make a real difference in the lives of these children!! Aimee and Jami are working so hard to raise the money needed to go on this trip. They are auctioning off one of my collages on their blog and the money raised will go straight to their trip. You can choose from any collage I have made already or I will work with you to do a custom collage to match your child’s room. It will come framed, and it will help an amazing cause. Click on over and leave a comment with your bid!!


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