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It Never Ends…. August 4, 2009

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The roller coaster of adoption, I mean. We are just coming off a big yard sale weekend, so being dog tired isn’t helping any of the craziness. (Despite yucky rain, another success, made over $1000, so I do have to send up a shout of praise for that!!).

If you remember, we are still waiting for the “approver” at DHR to sign our homestudy. It was supposed to only take 2-4 weeks and we are now on Week 6. Last week she told our social worker she was planning to have it done. Didn’t happen. Social worker called her Monday to see what’s up. She says she will be finishing it THAT DAY. My social worker calls me with the good news. We cheer. One hour later I get a phone call from my SW saying we celebrated too prematurely….as it turns out, the homestudy sat at DHR so long, we had medical tests that were expiring and needed to be made more current. So, my mom and I race to the doctor to get tests run…..of course results take until Wednesday. We literally had to race because if the homestudy doesn’t get “approved” by Friday, Jason’s medicals start to expire.

So tomorrow we have to run and get the results (hoping they will be there early!!!!), take NEW signed medical forms to Lifeline. Then my SW will fax the results to DHR, the approver will sign the homestudy, fax the approval letter to my SW and then she can officially sign the homestudy and send it to our Korea agency (CHSFS) and they can send it to Korea. Confused yet? Now you know why I am always exhausted.

So on the tail end of all that good (?) news, I got the Korea newsletter in my inbox yesterday from our agency. This was written in the newsletter: We have received news from our partner agencies in Korea that families who accept the referral of a child from Eastern Social Welfare Society after July 15, 2009 and prior to January 4, 2010 could experience a wait of up to 10 months before travel. This increase, as mentioned in the e-mails sent to you in March and May regarding travel wait estimates, is a result of the emigration visa quota for 2009 being met prior to the end of the 2009 calendar year. A new quota for emigration visas will begin in January, 2010.

I immediately felt sick. While we received our referral in May, our paperwork isn’t getting there until August, which puts us in this group of people they are talking about. When we accepted Matthew’s referral, we were initially told 3-4 month wait which quickly turned to 5-6 months. I spoke to someone today about the new 10-month estimate. She said that was worst case scenario, but that we should be prepared for it.

I had been thinking to myself how hard it was going to be to not have Matthew home for Christmas and now I am just hoping he is here before his 3rd birthday in May. I know he is being very well-cared for and loved but it hurts so much to know all that I am missing of his sweet life. I have been thinking of the fact that if we got him in Jan/Feb, like we thought, he will be SIX years old before we are the most permanent home he has ever had. That just breaks my heart.

So please pray with me that it will be sooner. Pray that everything comes together tomorrow and the paperwork gets to Korea ASAP because the clock doesn’t even start ticking until that happens. We are ready to get our boy home!


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