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Randomosity August 10, 2009

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Recently, I donated 2 collages to an auction my friend Aimee was holding to raise money for her mission trip to Ukraine. Both winners decided to have custom collages made and I thought I would share the very different results! The first winner was very specific and told me that her son’s room was decorated in turtles, polka dots, and she showed me specific colors. It was a breeze, and I love the finished product!

The second winner gave me a bit of a harder task but I think she will be pleased with the finished product. I am very uptight and like specific instructions, but here is what she told me. She wanted something that exuded Christ and she liked natural colors. Oh dear, I was nervous!!! This is what I came up with–I plan to get it to her this week. I hope she is pleased.

Last night I continued with my Korean cooking adventure and made Bibimbap!! It is a dish of rice, mixed with meat and vegetables. The recipe I followed had us top it with an egg and then offered the choice of mixing in red chili paste or sweet green onion sauce for those who can’t tolerate the heat. We opted for the green onion sauce first and it was really good. Then I decided to try it with the chili paste and that knocked it out of the park!! My SUPER SUPER picky sister stopped by and had 2 bowls she loved it so much!!!!
As you can see in the picture, we had zucchini, spinach, ground beef, bean sprouts, shitake mushrooms, kosari (fern shoots) and carrots to mix in with the rice and eggs to put on top. The other bowl is the green onion sauce. DELICIOUS!!! Can’t wait to try my next recipe….maybe mandu (dumplings)?

Anyway, we have a lot going on at our house in the next 2 weeks. We are trying to do some DIY projects in our finished basement because our office will be moving down there and we want to make the playroom down there a little nicer. I think it’s going to be GREAT!


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