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The Basement August 14, 2009

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Before: A very half-hearted playroom, not that the decor prevented play or good times!

Office/Mary Kay room Before: This is after the shelves had been ripped out though–you can get a glimpse of the scary bi-level drop ceiling that must be dealt with.

The shelves that we ripped out

Playroom stripped bare–we have since painted (just a nicer shade of tan), but I am too lazy to take a picture…..maybe once baseboards start going in.

We have been working feverishly in our basement trying to finish up a project. You know how something starts relatively small and then in a few days is completely out of control? That’s pretty much where we are. We have a large room down there that we’ve been using as a playroom and an attached room that was kind of a catch-all. We called it the Mary Kay room because it had built in shelves that I used to keep my MK inventory on.

With Matthew coming home, we decided to turn the MK room into an office so the current office could be Matthew’s room.

Then we decided we should rip out all of the crappy shelving in that room to make it bigger. And the drop ceiling in there is really gross. And the windows are all as thin as paper and we neglected to replace them when we did the rest of the house 2 years ago. And when we ripped the shelves out, we realized the carpet did not extend beneath them which means we have to get new flooring. And that room is connected to the playroom, so lets just get carpet in both rooms. And paint. And the baseboards are so nasty, we should do that while we’re at it……You get the picture.

So that’s where we are right now. We ripped out the shelving, carpet and baseboards. We have had to spackle and sand like you wouldn’t believe. Painting was done yesterday. Baseboards this weekend. All that is stuff we did/are doing ourselves. Monday we are having new carpet put in and windows will be installed in about 8 weeks.

It really is going to make it such a nicer space to be, and with 2 boys, I think we’re going to be down in that playroom a lot! Speaking of the playroom, it is about to be filled up with the coolest stuff you could imagine. We have a really amazing friend who is dead set on spoiling our children rotten…..and we are pretty much okay with that. I promise to put up pictures next week….it’s gonna be crazy.


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