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Bad Mom of the Year September 2, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — Elizabeth @ 5:01 PM

Holy cow……..I just put Isaac in the corner because he picked up our camera and threw it at the wall, narrowly missing my head. Totally out of character for him too. I just said one word: corner. He ran like lightning into his dark room and planted himself in a corner with no protest. I sat down at the computer to kill a few minutes while he stewed…….and promptly forgot about him. I read through Facebook, looked at a few photo albums, perused some blogs and decided to go see why he was being so quiet……and then I couldn’t find him……not in our room……not in the living room. I went to check his room, and DOH!!!!!!!! there he was in the dark in the corner.

Thankfully, the corner was right next to the bookcase and it wasn’t completely dark. He was just reading through a big pile of books just as content as he could be.

I promise I’m still fit to adopt. No really, I can handle two of them……….sheesh.


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