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An Especially Annoying Dilemma September 4, 2009

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This absolutely has nothing to do with our adoption or anything that I usually post about but this has me so peeved, I have to write it down somewhere and get some opinions on this.

As most of you know, we have had 5 yard sales in the past year. All were full of items that were donated to us by family and friends to sell and raise money for adoption costs. One of our awesome neighbors gave us this loft bed to sell:
It is missing the tent, but other than that, it is so cool. We actually set it up in the basement for a while and Isaac played on it all the time. We toyed with the idea of keeping it (with our neighbor’s blessing), but knew that Uncle Rusty was planning a playroom makeover and that for now this wasn’t suitable for either boys’ bedrooms.

So I listed it on Craig’s List. I immediately had someone who was interested. She and I e-mailed back and forth multiple times and I told her it was being sold in our yard sale, so if she wanted it to come and get it (she kept asking me to hold it for her…..and Craig’s List people are just so notorious for not showing up or never contacting you again). Well she sent a friend over bright and early to our yard sale. She paid cash for it, but even though she was driving a huge truck, she wouldn’t take it because she was out “yard salin'” and didn’t want to fill up her truck in case she found some deals. They promised they would come get the bed that week.

I didn’t hear anything. The next week I get a call saying the girl is in the hospital but they will get in touch with me when things calm down. Fine. I totally understand–not a problem in the least. About 2 more weeks go by….I start sending e-mails. No response. I really started to think she had died and I was extremely concerned about it. Finally I called her and she sounded fine on the phone and acted completely shocked that I was calling to inquire about this! She promised someone would come get the bed that week.

Another week goes by. I call again. At this point she is not even masking her annoyance with me. I called on Saturday night and she said she would call me back Sunday morning to set up a time to pick it up THAT DAY. That was last Sunday. It has now been FIVE WEEKS.

Now when I call, no one answers the phone. She will not respond to my e-mails. BUT SHE PAID ME FOR THE BED ALREADY. I sent her this e-mail yesterday and no surprise, she has not responded, nor will she answer her phone…..and there is no answering machine.

It has been 5 weeks since you purchased the bed. I have to get it OUT of my house–we have a LOT going on in our lives right now as we are preparing to bring our son home from South Korea. I have tried to call you twice this week and the phone rings and rings.

I am telling you now. If you do not come pick up the bed by Sunday night (9/6), I am re-listing it on Craig’s List and SELLING it. I will be happy to send you your money back if you give me your address.

I know you too have had a lot going on personally, but I feel that I have been exceedingly cooperative and patient with you.

Please contact me and let’s get this taken care of. You have paid for the bed, I would love for your daughter to have it.
Thank you,

Do y’all think I am being too mean? Should I resell it? I need it gone–I am in a frantic place right now mentally where I need to get things resolved as we finish an office, do Matthew’s bedroom and prepare to travel. I haven’t parked in the garage for 5 weeks. This is dumb. I need advice. And why is she acting like I am such a huge inconvenience to her?????


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