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Before and After: Office Edition September 10, 2009

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If there’s one thing I’m terrible about (and let’s be honest, there are MANY!), it is that I never take an accurate “before” picture. Which is a shame, especially for this office, because the earliest before picture I have here shows the room after it had been emptied and after the built in shelves had been ripped out. But you kind of get the point.

You can at least see where some of the shelves WERE in this shot. They went all the way around 2 walls of the room and really made it feel TINY.

Also notice the ceiling tiles….not shown very well here are that some were broken, and even crumbling. Not cute.

Here the room is after painting, baseboards, new carpet. Ceiling had been torn down.

Yikes!! Looked like a huge job to me!

AFTER!!! We weren’t thrilled to be doing drop ceiling again, but since it’s in the basement and that is the only way to access pipes, and heating/cooling ducts, it was the smartest move.

Didn’t Jason do an excellent job on that ceiling? Sometimes it really pays to be married to an engineer! Now it’s ready for the office furniture to be moved down….maybe we will start on that this evening or tomorrow night. Then it’s time to tackle Matthew’s room! Now that I think of it, I’m taking a Before picture right now!!!!!


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