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Raining on my Parade October 3, 2009

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….and on my vacation.

….and on my birthday of all things.

Actually, the weather at the beach is quite beautiful, but I got some news that put a damper on things. About 20 minutes into my first morning at the pool, my cell phone rang and it was my social worker who did our homestudy. I couldn’t imagine what she would be calling for because I really thought that part of the adoption process was over. She called to say that our state DHR will not approve Matthew’s I-600 until they receive paperwork that shows he has had a recent medical exam (within the past 6 months). I was shocked because immigration approved this form in August and it is currently in Seoul waiting to be paired up with the rest of Matthew’s paperwork, So how can one woman in Alabama ruin all this? Well that’s what I’m trying to figure out. But our social worker assured me, Matthew will not be allowed into the country until she approves it, and she isn’t going to approve it until she sees proof of a medical exam. Which we do not have.

I know this doesn’t sound like a big deal, but let me put it in these terms. Back in May, we requested updated development information on Matthew. Guess when we received it? Today. So we are dismayed that this could be a HUGE roadblock. And our agency cannot contact Eastern because it is a holiday (their Thanksgiving equivalent) in Korea, so they are closed.

It is a bummer to say the least. Especially during a vacation. Especially on my birthday. Especially since we really thought Matthew would be home by our Thanksgiving celebration. Now we just pray he will be here by Christmas.

On the (very small) bright side, his updated development information looks great and really secures in our minds how well Matthew will fit in with our family.

Pray that we can get to the bottom of this soon. Pray that he has already had a medical exam in the last 6 months that we can use. Pray that Matthew will be home with us by Thanksgiving.


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