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Perspective October 20, 2009

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It has been 19 days since finding out that Matthew needs some medical testing done before he can come to the US. In 19 days, as far as I know, nothing has happened. I don’t even know if Matthew’s agency in Korea even knows he needs these tests. The head of the Korea program at our American agency was in Korea last week. She sent me an email Thursday night that said this:

“Okay…I’m in Korea and going to the agency in about thirty minutes.
I will see what I can get from them and then I’ll email you right back.
WE’ll have to schedule a new HIV test and a new TB test…this can take awhile, but I’ll see where we are on the timing of all this with ESWS….I’m afraid the tests and getting the results report back are going to take a few weeks.”

Obviously, after reading her e-mail, I thought I would wake up Friday morning with some definite information, but I haven’t heard from her since. No one else at the agency has any information either. I’m frustrated with the not knowing. I’m glued to the computer, jumpy when the phone rings. I just want to hear something!!!

This afternoon, the weather was so gorgeous, I took Isaac to a big open park where he loves to run up and down the hills. I saw a woman and her daughter arrive. The daughter was wearing pajamas, a face mask, and had a bald head. I assumed they were taking a much needed break, from a large Children’s Hospital close by. When we got near them, in true Isaac form, he ran straight up to the girl and got right in her face and said, “hi, I’m Isaac!”. The mother immediately snatched the girl away and said, “Let’s go” and hollered back in my direction, “We cannot be around any children!”. I have to assume that the child was seriously immune deficient, and they had to be very, very careful. I felt terrible because they left the park after that, and I felt like they really needed that nice little outing.

All this to say, my child ran up and down hills, jumped off stone walls, rolled in the grass, and raced up and down about 50 flights of stairs. By the end, he was red faced, laughing, and the picture of good health. I have never watched helplessly while he suffered in a hospital room. He has probably never heard of cancer. He can be around other children without the danger of dying from a common infection. We have it good. And yes, I felt a little crappy for being so annoyed and so anxious about this hold up. I do still want some answers, but a little perspective never hurt anyone.


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