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Honey, It’s Time…or is it? November 6, 2009

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Today I received “The Call”. The “Your baby is ready call”. It didn’t go quite the way I had hoped or expected. It went kind of like, “Korea is ready for you to come, actually they’ve been ready since yesterday…….but we are still waiting on the signature from ICPC…., so we don’t really know exactly WHAT to tell you”. Really exciting, right? And at the same time really anticlimactic.

All afternoon there were 2 agencies scrambling to get this taken care of. This woman has had the information she needed since Wednesday. One of my social workers DID speak to her and all she would say is that she would TRY to get to it today……apparently that did not happen.

We do have the option of going ahead with our travel plans in faith that this matter will be worked out by then, but we’re nervous. Our plan–that I am about 95% sure will happen–is to fly out on Thursday and return the next Thursday.

Don’t get me wrong–we are excited, but there is a big damper on the occasion with the worry of not knowing what this woman is going to do…..or even more importantly, WHEN.

It’ s like I mentioned in this post, during my pregnancy, I looked forward to going into labor and telling Jason, “Honey, it’s time”. But what ended up happening was I got an ultrasound and the doctor made the decision that my amniotic fluid was low and I should be induced. Jason was in the room and it was exciting but also a bit mundane. They checked me into the hospital and said they would start the induction in the morning. As it turned out, he was ready to be born, because my water broke at 10 PM that night. So it didn’t really happen the way I thought or the doctor thought, but he got here. And in the end the “how” doesn’t matter so much.

So while I really wanted to call Jason at work today with a huge scream of joy, I just called and said, “We got our travel call, BUT blah blah blah, this woman is gonna drive me to an early grave…”. It’s going to be a very long weekend for us waiting to see what will happen Monday. For now, we are having faith that it will all come together and we will be on a plane to see our son on Thursday!


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