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3 AM in Korea November 13, 2009

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I really thought I would sleep all night through, but here it is, 3 AM. I am in the “business center” in my pajamas and some slippers the Guest House provides, which you guessed it, are too small for my big feet!

Now I have time to get into some details of our trip!! I actually typed a long account of our flight on my laptop but since I am not picking up wireless, it is stuck there. Try not to be too devastated that you don’t get to hear about it blow by blow.

As for the celebrity, I loved your guesses, but no one was right……but Cori, you were the closest! Before takeoff, I heard a man’s voice approaching behind us greeting everyone ONE by ONE. I thought, “how nice, our flight attendant is getting to know us all since the flight will be so long”. But who was it who walked up the aisle and shook my hand? Jimmy Carter!! So that was pretty cool!

The flight was okay. Those Korean Air attendants were all so gorgeous and they stayed fresh and crisp throughout the flight, while as the hours wore on, I looked more and more like a warthog. And those harsh lights in the bathrooms weren’t helping my self esteem at all. We had an exit row which was great. The TV screens were cool–I watched 4 movies, I think, none of which I really loved, but it helped pass the time. We started getting some good sleep at the end of the flight and then I woke up inexplicably hot and dizzy. I kept feeling like I was going to faint and I never could figure out why. I ended up putting my head between my knees and sleeping like that. Maybe exhaustion, the altitude. I ended up being just fine.

We got to the guest house, our room is sparse but pleasant. You all know how much I hate cold, and I was worried that our room would be cold. Well, it is quite the opposite! We cannot get the heat off and it is SO warm, I couldn’t even use pajamas or covers. Imagine that–at home I sleep in flannel pajamas on flannel sheets under an electric blanket and a goose down comforter.

Our room is right next to the entrance for the Eastern Baby Home. Matthew (along with all babies adopted from Eastern) spent the first few weeks of his life there. Usually visiting parents can go visit the babies and help take care of them, but with the concerns of H1N1, there are no visitors allowed. But when you walk out of our room, you can hear the little baby cries coming from in there. There are nurses working in there around the clock.

Once we got here, all we wanted to do was go to bed, but we were starving and in a daze. To be honest, I was not in the mood to go exploring and eat adventurous food. I would have been thrilled with a McDonalds. But we walked and couldn’t find anything like that. We ended up in a Chinese restaurant that I believe we were a bit underdressed for. However, the food was great! This morning we plan to walk down to Dunkin Donuts–(YAY, my favorite coffee is HERE!!!) and then start planning some sightseeing.

I do have a few pictures, but I left the camera in our room. Don’t worry they aren’t that exciting–just us at the airport and stuff.

Our meeting with Matthew is scheduled for 9:20 on Monday morning.

Mom–as far as Skype, I will either have to find a wifi spot or install Skype on the guest computer which Jason thinks will be fine. I will try to buy a calling card today so I can talk to Isaac. I am glad he is feeling better. Having other kids around will be fun for him. Tell him we love him and that we made it safely to Kweeeuh!


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