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Coming Home November 18, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — Elizabeth @ 7:25 AM

We are packing up right now–I can’t believe it is time to come home. It seems like we just got here, but it seems like we’ve been here forever. I am ready to be home and ready to have our family intact. I am ready for my sons to meet each other for the first time. I am ready to eat cake and ice cream and sing Happy Birthday to both boys, in both languages (even though it is neither of their birthdays but they both adore cake and singing).

Tomorrow we meet at 6:45 down in the lobby for our prayer ceremony with Matthew, the foster parents, and the director of Eastern. I know it will be very emotional for everyone involved. Then onto a 13 hour flight…….which will also be trying to say the least.

Our plane lands at home on Thursday at 12:21 PM. If anyone wants to come to the airport, that would be great. As long as you don’t expect us to look cute or stay longer than it takes to collect our bags (it will be 3 AM our time), we would love to see you!


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