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Early Birds November 21, 2009

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Another good day here. I will be brief because I would like to get to bed at a decent hour tonight. Jason and I both feel like we are getting a cold, and I think Isaac already has one. I sure hope Matthew will be spared any sickness, but after all of that travel, who knows?

Another early morning for all of us. Matthew slept in footie pajamas last night and was fine with them before bedtime. But at 4:30 this morning he began trying to get the feet off and couldn’t fall back asleep. He enjoyed a breakfast of rice, apple, and another yogurt drink–he had 4 yesterday and 3 today!! He is obsessed with them!

We spent a LOT of time outside today which keeps both of the boys in pretty good spirits. Isaac is still having a tough time and will tell me he’s just a little bit sad (tonight he told me he was a BIG bit sad) or that he needs time with just Isaac and mommy together. I can honestly say it breaks my heart. I don’t know what I would do without Jason here to tend to Matthew dring those times. Matthew seems to be attaching more and more to us. He will just run up to me and say, “omma!” and crash into my legs. When he is really happy with us, he pats us firmly on the cheeks. He likes me to kiss him on his chin. We spent some fun time cuddling, and tickling today before his nap. He was hugging all over me when I was making his plate for dinner, so I told him to go find Appa–he ran right to Jason and hugged him. He really is a smart little booger, with a very sweet heart…..and while we’re at it, I might as well say, a TON of hair. He has more hair than everyone in this house put together I think!

He woke up from his nap and seemed like he wasn’t sure where he was. He wanted me to hold him, then he wanted to be put down, then he reached for me again. I took him to his room and rocked him and we listened to his Korean music. In about 10 minutes he was back to his happy self. My sister and her boyfriend came back over and we played outside most of the afternoon. We all got in the leaves on the ground and threw them at each other which cracked Matthew up and kept Isaac in a good mood.

Some friends brought us a lovely dinner and Matthew was great with them and their 17 month old son. They brought cupcakes too, so we had candles and sang Happy birthday (in both languages) over and over. Matthew makes us light the candles over and over and over. He likes that better than the actual cupcakes. He seemed like he was learning the words in English. But for the rest of the evening he walked around singing it in Korean. He sings a lot and I love it.

Bedtime was peaceful (for Matthew), Isaac kept calling me back in for a million things, mostly because he was jealous that I was with Matthew. We skipped the footie pajamas (he’s wearing some from Korea) and the bottle. I just read some books to him–rather he held the books and jabbered on endlessly about them. Then I snuggled with him until he was asleep.

Tomorrow we are planning to go to church if everyone is well. I will keep Matthew with me in the baby carrier to make sure he feels safe. I won’t be taking him to the nursery anytime soon. Isaac has been invited to a birthday party for a friend at school. I am going to take him so we can have some special time together–I think we are both looking forward to it. I am interested to see how things go Monday when Jason is back at work and Isaac is at preschool. I think I will try to take Matthew to the botanical gardens so he can run and play outside.

Overall things are good, especially with both boys sleeping right now….I am going to go join them.


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