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On a Lighter Note November 23, 2009

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Isaac has said some things the past few days that are cracking me up. We were leaving Publix the other night and we would say a word and he would say the opposite. We were surprised how he seemed to get the concept entirely and always came back with the right answer….most of the time. It went something like this:

I say up, you say: DOWN
I say right, you say: LEFT
I say happy, you say: SAD
I say night time, you say: another long pause, then, “Time to get up!”
I say nice, you say: (he pondered this for a moment, then said), “Go sit in the corner!”

Tonight I was cleaning out his backpack from school and found a card. It was a congratulations card for our adoption and was signed by all of the staff at the school. It was so sweet and unexpected, I burst into tears! I called Isaac over to tell him who the card was from. I was going to name all of the teachers he knew. I said, “guess who sent this card? Miss Donna, Miss Whitney,” and he immediately cut me off and said, “and Jesus!” and walked away.


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