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Blessed December 3, 2009

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I realize most of my recent posts have been about our day to day life since coming home. Clearly there have been good days and bad days, but life is good, and we have so much to be grateful for. Let me count some of my blessings…..

While nights are still a little questionable around here, my boys NAP, and they’ve been napping WELL. And that is great because it gives me some much needed alone time to schedule appointments, eat lunch, clear my head, and…blog!

Matthew has proven to be a great eater and will try many new things. He has also taken to some of Isaac’s favorite foods which is making mealtimes for me very easy.

Brotherly Love. Believe me, they will knock each other down and take each others toys, but there is already love between Isaac and Matthew. Isaac has been in time out crying and Matthew will go and wipe his tears away. And once I tried to conspiratorially take just Isaac to the grocery store for some special time together and he said NO, I want Matthew to come too!

Loving that every night at bedtime, Isaac calls out, “Merry Crispness, Mommy!” as I walk out of his room, and Matthew just stares into my eyes and holds my face so gently with one of his hands on each of my cheeks.

Thankful that Isaac carries around his little white Bible he received when he got dedicated at church calling it his favorite present. If you ask him what it is, he will tell you it is the Bible, and if you ask him what it’s about he will tell you it’s about Isaac loves Jesus. And some nights he wants his bedtime stories to be out of that Bible.

I had time to vacuum! We brought in our (real!) Christmas tree on Sunday and there were pine needles everywhere. I could never find time to vacuum because Matthew wants me in his sight at all times and I didn’t want to chance waking him during a nap or bedtime. Yesterday, both boys were in my room watching Wiggles and I pulled out the vacuum. No screaming. Matthew came in to make sure I was there a few times, but he was fine….and our floor is now clean!

Speaking of our tree, I am thankful for our beautiful, did I mention REAL, Christmas tree. Right now it only has lights and a tree skirt, but it is gorgeous and fragrant, and it just wouldn’t be Christmas here without it.

Peppermint bark, glazed pecans, eggnog, hot chocolate, apple cider, yummy holiday treats, which I have been devouring left and right. Comfort food at its finest.

That simply due to Matthew’s diagnosis of schizencephaly, he will qualify to receive FREE therapy through early intervention. He will also be joining in Kindermusik and the Busy Bees classes and we are so excited because we know and love and trust all of the people who work there.

That on Sunday, I am taking Isaac on a mother/son date to his very first movie!!! We are going to see The Snowman at the grand Alabama Theatre and the score will be performed by the Alabama Symphony Orchestra with 3 children’s choirs there singing along!! I think he is going to have an amazing time. I am so excited that he is 3, which is really a fun age for him to do things like this. Can’t wait until next year when both boys are ready for all of this stuff!

That I have an amazing husband who knows I am serious when I say, “That’s it! Everybody OUT OF THE KITCHEN!”…..so he blocks the doorways with a baby gate and chairs and occupies the boys in the living room while I make dinner. Did I mention he also laughs at me and tells me how gross it is when I am having to sift through Matthew’s poo poo to provide a stool sample?

I love my family and I love that my family tree now includes a completely new branch that spans all the way to Korea.

Girl Time. Much needed girl time. Had lunch with a great friend yesterday. You know your friend is great when she lets you dominate the entire conversation, cry in the middle of a restaurant, and watches your son throw chopsticks all over the place, all with a smile on her face. And she brought us a lasagna. Great friend.

Speaking of thankful, I have to say, I am not thankful that Matthew pulled my sweater and tank top down at the library the other day, causing a very private area on my body to pop out…..but I am thankful that no one noticed….at least I’m pretty sure they didn’t.

That I still have people e-mailing me, calling me, or stopping to tell me they are still reading our blog and praying for our family. People who tell me all of my feelings are normal. People who remind me they felt the same way when they adopted, when their second child was born, or just on a daily basis because they were dealing with a 2-year old. I am thankful that we have been lucky enough to see the goodness, just deep-down kindness and love, of so many people in our lives.


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